Image source: Mahle

Anyone who currently buys a pedelec has to live with an eye-catching design that shows that it is an e-bike. The range is also very limited in some cases. That should change in the future.

Invisible e-bike drive system with two batteries

Pedelecs are all the rage. More and more people are buying an e-bike so that they can travel longer distances more comfortably. That is why companies are constantly developing new technologies, with which greater ranges can be achieved. The automotive supplier Mahle goes one step further. The company has introduced a new generation of e-bike drive systems called the X35 +. It offers several special features:

  • The wheel hub motor, the battery and control units can be installed almost invisibly, as you can see in the cover picture above. It is an e-bike that cannot be recognized as a pedelec.
  • The new e-bike drive system offers the option of installing a second battery. While the first battery is in the frame, the second motor should be housed in the seat post. That too happens invisibly. This is intended to significantly increase the range.
  • The weight of the complete system is only 3.5 kg with one battery. As a result, the weight of the Pedelec can remain very low and does not touch down too much.
  • Connectivity via smartphone. Mahle therefore saves a display or other control elements, but relies fully on the smartphone, which users always have with them anyway. The connectivity has been expanded by ANT + so that the smartwatch can also be connected to the e-bike – reports Golem.

Instead of concentrating on maximum performance, Mahle focuses on ideal, user-oriented performance. The driver is only supported where it is necessary. This can of course also increase the range and the driver is still challenged a bit.

Cowboy in the test:

As a supplier, Mahle does not build the pedelecs itself, of course, but works with many well-known e-bike manufacturers. It would therefore be entirely conceivable that pedelecs with this invisible drive equipped with two batteries will appear in the foreseeable future.