U-turn at Sony: Legendary smartphone series should return

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Sony fans have been waiting for this comeback for a long time: Apparently, the Japanese manufacturer is planning to return a legendary smartphone series that was only discontinued last year. A look at the competition explains the U-turn.


For years, Sony has always brought a more handy version to its top smartphones. Last year the group broke with tradition and did not provide the Xperia 1 with a compact model. Now a change of heart could start at Sony.

Sony’s new top smartphone should receive a compact version

According to the GSMarena, the traditional manufacturer is to plan three sizes for its flagship smartphone in 2021. In addition to the standard model, a premium version and a smaller compact model are also under discussion. This year, Sony is said not to have a more handy version of its top smartphone in store.

If the reports turn out to be correct, fans of Sony’s compact smartphones will have to wait a few more months. It should also be interesting when Sony is aiming for the rumored comeback of the Compact series: Already in spring 2021 or only in autumn? The company traditionally launches two high-end smartphones a year.

What else happened in the technology world:

Success of the iPhone SE: the reason for Sony’s change of heart?

But where does Sony’s alleged U-turn come from? Most recently, a high-ranking Sony messenger said that customers would prefer larger screens, which is why the company has probably refrained from using the Xperia 1. The current success of the small iPhone SE (2020) may have led Sony to reconsider this decision. Again and again the new iPhone SE is number 1 on the Amazon charts. In comparison to the Apple cell phone, it remains to be hoped that Sony will use a more modern design for the upcoming compact model.

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