Unicorn and cookies: TV interviews crashed so wonderfully

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Working in the home office is the rule rather than the exception in Corona times. This can be particularly challenging when you have children. In the UK, children intervened in two live TV interviews on Wednesday.

At the BBC, scientist Clare Wenham was interviewed about local outbreaks in the coronavirus pandemic when her little daughter came to the side. Apparently she had climbed onto the table. Wenham lifted her down. Then the girl in the background tried to place the picture of a unicorn on a bookshelf.

Moderator Christian Fraser asked for her name. “Her name is Scarlett,” answered the researcher with a broad grin. “I think the picture looks better on the bottom shelf,” said Fraser, adding, “And it’s really a nice unicorn.” Then he wanted to go back to the interview, but he had underestimated Scarlett’s curiosity. “What’s his name?”, She asked, not releasing until the moderator had said his name.

Wenham, who conducts research on global health policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), posted a photo of herself and her daughter on Twitter on Thursday and wrote: “We chose a shelf for the unicorn.”

The same day, curiously, there was a similar incident on Sky News. However, moderator Mark Austin felt little to chatting with children when the son of reporter Deborah Haynes burst into the interview and asked for two cookies. Austin abruptly stopped the interview.

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