Uninstall now! These 29 apps have been deleted from the Play Store

Google has banned 29 apps from the Play Store for allegedly spamming users, and we’ll tell you what they are.

Google recently pulled 19 apps from Play Store that were programmed to trick users. But they were not the only ones that have disappeared from the popular app store in recent days, as the Mountain View company has also deleted 29 apps from Play Store, which you should uninstall from your smartphone.

A study already pointed out that at least 7% of apps on the Play Store have back doors, and with the passage of time more and more from Google tend to delete a large number of them from their app store. This time, the big G has banned 29 apps from the Play Store for supposedly spam users and inject malicious ads into their devices, as collected from Gizchina.

Dark theme on Google Play Store

This is what the dark theme looks like in the Google Play Store.

The White Ops threat intelligence team Satori, as part of the ‘CHARTREUSEBLUR’ investigation, has detected 29 applications that send spam in different ways to users. It has also been pointed out that some of these apps disappear from the phone once installedwhile others bombard users with annoying and unnecessary ads. Since these applications are prohibited in Google Play Store, the Mountain View company has proceeded to remove them.

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These are the 29 apps that Google has removed from the Play Store

Google Play Store, applications and offers in games

The Google Play Store with the games and apps section open.

The report also reflects that these applications have more than 3.5 million downloads in total. Therefore, it is recommended to remove them from the device if some of them have been installed. Below you can see the complete list with the 29 apps that Google has removed from the Play Store:

  • Auto Picture Cut
  • Color Call Flash
  • Square Photo Blur v2.0.5
  • Square Photo Blur v7.0
  • Magic Call Flash
  • Easy Blur
  • Image blur
  • Auto Photo Blur
  • Photo blur
  • Photo Blur Master
  • Super call screen
  • Square Blur Master
  • The Square Blur
  • Square Blur Photo
  • Smart Photo Blur
  • Super call flash
  • Smart Call Flash
  • Blur Photo Editor
  • Blur Image
  • Super blur
  • Square Image Blur
  • Super Blur Photo
  • Super Photo Blur
  • Photo Blur Editor
  • Pro Blur Photo
  • Auto Photo Cut
  • Smart Call Screen
  • test.com.flash.call.flashcall.cool
  • com.auto.photo.editor.background.eraser.tool

According to the researchers, these 29 applications do not really work as advertised, since post ads out of context and en masse, and some of them even launch random pop-ups in the web browser. Therefore, if when you see the list you detect that you have one of them installed, for your security, proceed to delete it from your terminal as soon as possible.

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