United Kingdom sees a problem with Google's contract with Apple to be the default search engine

I still remember when several competition regulators forced Microsoft to add an alert in Windows 7? View? to force users to choose for themselves a default internet browser for the system. And is that in the end everything that comes by default is taken to most users … Many of you will have tried an endless number of apps that do the same as native iOS apps, but that do it better, but the normal user does not exit the default apps. Without going any further, Google is the default search engine for iOS, they pay for it, and this is what is beginning to be worrying… The body in charge of monitoring free competition in the United Kingdom has just spoken out about the concern of this agreement between Google and Apple. After the jump we tell you all the details …

It is a worrying barrier to entry and expansion, This says the UK Competition and Markets Authority in a report published in Reuters. The relationship between Apple and Google (who was going to say it when at the software level they are the main competitors) is a issue that directly impacts Microsoft’s Bing search engines, Verizon’s Yahoo, and independent DuckDuckGo. Apple does offer us the possibility of changing the default search engine in the Safari configuration, but the privilege of Google is that it comes by default, and if we do not change it we will always be using the well-known search engine.

And is that Google would have paid a whopping 1.5 trillion US dollars in 2019 to make Google the default search engine on devices of various platforms, only in the United Kingdom … Personally I use Google, it is worth that we pay with our data, but in the end we are the ones who have to assess whether what it offers us is useful or not. And you, what search engine do you use ?.

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