United States government plans

Broadly speaking, quantum computing is based, how could it be otherwise, on quantum mechanics. Currently, information is stored in bits that can be 0 or 1, but in quantum computing we would talk about qubit which can have a state where the value can be 1 and 0 at the same time. If we join two or more qubits we give rise to quantum entanglement, a connection between two or more particles so that an action performed on one has an immediate effect on the others.

This is known as quantum teleportation and it would be the fundamental foundation for a really fast quantum internet. Latency would be drastically reduced and communication would be instantaneous even over long distances. On the other hand, security would make it impossible to spy on or intercept information from a “quantum connection” since, when reading the state of the object, it would change the message automatically.

Different advances to create the quantum Internet

These are the two principles on which the quantum Internet is based, but many challenges still lie ahead. Several projects have been put to work on it, but now it seems that the United States government itself wants to make it a serious possibility. Some experiments are those of the Chinese satellite Micius, which has been able to send information to 1,200 kilometers away.

quantum internet

The plan of the government of the United States defines several priorities to obtain to have quantum Internet. For example, creating the right environment to build it, integrating quantum Internet devices, creating routing technologies for quantum nodes and enable error correction in the functions of this network.

In addition, five milestones are set on the path to the development of the quantum Internet. Since verifying that the technology works in current fiber optic networks until developing a quantum network between universities and other organizations involved in the project.

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