Universal will offer its movies to iTunes 17 days after its release


COVID-19 has produced a change in the world order as we know it. We do not have to say that the economic slowdown has caused major powers to go into recession or that technology companies have to delay their launches. Another sector that has suffered the most has been the cinema. The strict confinement and closure of theaters has meant a loss of economic performance for many companies, producers and many opted for online service to try to mitigate the blow. Universal and AMC Entertainment have reached an agreement with the purpose of offer the movies to iTunes 17 days after their theatrical release, instead of the 75 days that until now were stipulated.

The descent of the ‘Theatrical Window’ agreed by Universal and AMC Theaters

Universal was one of the most controversial film studios during confinement by COVID-19. When in some US states they dictated total confinement and closing of cinemas, began offering movies that were still in the cinema online. This caused the anger of big theaters like AMC Theaters. However, Universal understood that in order to survive and make profitable those premieres they had to do it that way.

However, the drop that filled the glass for the great cinemas and theaters was the launching exclusive online of ‘Trolls World Tour’. The premiere was a complete success with more than $ 100 million raised in less than three weeks. This caused a paradigm shift not only in Universal but in other studios that began releasing some of their films online.

Months later we have known that Universal Pictures and AMC Theaters have reached an agreement. In this agreement what is modified s Theatrical Window, that is, the time it takes for a movie to sell or to be able to view it online since its release in theaters. Currently, the window is in 75 days. However, these two companies have reached an agreement to reduce the window to the 17 days. This will allow AMC to be able to offer Universal premieres for 17 days and, subsequently, be able to offer them on iTunes and other platforms to get benefits on the ground online.

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