Unlimited data comparison July 2020: Movistar, Orange, Vodafone offers

Although it has not served to close the month of June with positive portabilities, the arrival of unlimited data to Movistar was a shock to the rest of the sector. Its main competitors struggled to launch similar offers, improve rates to include this feature and even add it in a way promotional during the summer. With all this, so is the bidding war for unlimited rates.

Offers unlimited rates July 2020

First of all, we should know that, although we are talking about rates with unlimited data, there are limits on these unlimited rates. Although it may seem inconsistent, it is the reality and users should know that they can have limited speed, limited tethering, limited roaming or reduced quality when playing video in streaming. With this clear, it is time to see what each of the greats offers.

Movistar Orange Vodafone Yoigo
Mobile only rate YES YES YES NO
Fiber and mobile rate YES YES YES YES
Permanence NO 12 months 12 months NO
Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimits NO NO YES (2, 10 or unlimited) NO
Streaming limits NO HD or 4K According to speed Minimum DVD Quality
Roaming 50 GB 17, 22 or 23 GB 20, 22 or 24 GB Everything
Tethering Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Movistar Infinite Contract

Movistar’s infinite contract is the rate that caused an earthquake in the sector and made the competition react. Despite the price of 39.95 euros per month, it has never been offered for that amount. In fact, since its launch it has been promoted to 24.95 euros per month for 12 months. This is valid for new contract registrations, portability contracts and changes from prepaid to mobile contract.

Orange go top

Orange’s Go Top rate did not have unlimited data until the operator made the decision to improve it. As of now, it has that feature along with the ability to watch streaming video in 4K, the main difference with Go Up (also with unlimited data). With a monthly fee of 47.95 euros, its sale price remains only in 23.98 euros per month for a period of 6 months in total.

unlimited data

Vodafone unlimited Total

Vodafone’s most comprehensive mobile rate is Total Unlimited Calling. This has unlimited data that can be used at the maximum speed offered by the operator’s 4G and 5G network. Its price is 49.99 euros, but again, we have a promotion that allows us to get it for 24.99 euros per month on offer. This price will be maintained for a total of 6 months.

With what unlimited data rate do you stay and why?

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