Unlimited data on Love Medio and Love Medio Max from Orange

Orange’s unlimited data is a reality in many of its rates. In fact, the French operator has up to four convergent modalities with this feature and two if we talk about mobile-only rates. Now, they can also be enjoyed for two of the rates of fiber and mobile that do not have these characteristics. This is thanks to the Weekend Bonus that they can have for free this summer.

Love Medio and Love Medio Max with unlimited data

Clients for rates Love Medio and Love Medio Max During the weekends of this summer they will be able to test the unlimited data at no additional cost. Thanks to this, they will be able to squeeze their mobile devices on their summer holidays or during their leisure time. As we know, this is one of the times of the year in which the use of data from the mobile is triggered.


This applies to current and new customers of these rates who can already take advantage of this promotion and request until July 31. The bonus is the “Weekend Bonus” with unlimited Gigas that can be activated through the My Orange app or in the private customer area of ​​www.orange.es. Customers with several lines in the pack, can activate it in all the lines they want.

From the moment of activation, customers will have unlimited data from 0.00 hours on Saturdays until 11:59 pm on Sunday for the next two months. The operator gives us an example so that there are no doubts: “That client who activates the bonus on July 3, will be able to enjoy it from that day until September 3. And all this without additional cost ”.

In another order of things, Orange has a promotion of 2 × 1 on infinite additional lines for current customers. The third unlimited line will be free as well. In this way, it will be much easier to have unlimited data with Orange and enjoy without problems browsing from the mobile.

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