Unlimited mobile and DSL for 19.50 euros a month

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Telekom wants to revolutionize nothing less than the mobile communications and DSL market. There is no other way to explain the MagentaEins Beta test. For just 19.50 euros a month you get everything – unlimited. The campaign is again available to new customers.

Telekom MagentaEins Beta: Cellular and DSL combined

Update from November 14th, 2019: Telekom has started the incredible offer again. New customers can now access for 19.50 euros a month. Anyone who is interested should not hesitate. It could be over quickly.

Picture: Telekom

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Unlimited DSL and mobile communications for only 20 euros a month? In Germany? From the Telekom? It can only be a joke! Is not it. In fact, Telekom is now testing a new tariff that combines everything at this great price. But what is there for it? Where are the pitfalls and can you even participate? GIGA has the details.

What do you get from Telekom at MagentaEins Beta?

  • DSL connection with up to 50 Mbit / s (down) and 10 Mbit / s (up) (unlimited data volume).
  • Mobile phone connection with up to 50 Mbit / s (down) and 10 Mbit / s (up) (unlimited LTE data volume).
  • Mobile phone connection with Allnet Flat and SMS Flat.
  • EU roaming including Switzerland with 15 GB LTE data volume per month.
  • 1 GB LTE data volume in the rest of the world.

For just 20 euros a month, that’s a very good offer. The minimum contract term is one year, after which you can cancel monthly. Whoever strikes now also saves the connection fee of 40 euros.

The following points have to be considered:

  • You cannot take your phone number with you.
  • You don’t get a landline number yet.
  • eSim, MultiSim, Family Card, Travel & Surf Pass and other options are not available.

The test of Telekom MagentaEins Beta runs until June 30th, 2021. What exactly happens after that is not known. It is quite possible that the tariff will then be officially available to all customers and the price will rise. We can hardly imagine that it will remain at 20 euros. It’s just too cheap.

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Telekom MagentaOne beta out of print

Yesterday evening, when teltarif was the first to report about it, Telekom MagentaEins Beta could still be completed. The interest is now so great that it has been completely sold out. It is not known whether Telekom will add more. We will continue to monitor it in any case.

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