Unlock your mobile if you have forgotten the PIN, password or pattern: complete guide

All is not lost if you have forgotten the PIN, password or pattern of your mobile, you can use these methods to unlock it.

The password, PIN and pattern are security methods that we use to block access to our phone. However, sometimes the memory fails and we are the ones who cannot use the terminal when forgetting that configured code. To solve it you have this guide, with which you can learn the methods to use to unlock your mobile if you have forgotten the PIN, pattern or password.

These methods do not work in 100% of the cases, that would mean that anyone can access your mobile in a moment of confusion. However, if you show that you are the true owner of the terminal With the confirmation of various private data, you have a high chance of unlocking the phone when you have forgotten the PIN, password or pattern.

Android unlock pattern

These are the methods with which you can unlock your mobile if you have forgotten the PIN, password or pattern.

Find my Google device

If there is a useful service from Google when you lose your Android mobile, that is Find my device. In addition to helping you find the terminal even if you have it silent, with Find my device you can create a new password for the phone very easily if you have forgotten the pattern.

To access this tool, you must have Open your Google account on the phone and on the computer. Then follow this process to unlock your mobile with Find my device:

  1. Enter your computer on the web Find your mobile.

  2. On the list, select the mobile that you want to unlock.

  3. Verify your identity with the Google account.

  4. Click on the option “Lock your phone”.

  5. Enter the new password for the lock and click “To block”. Thus, your mobile will be blocked with the password you have just established and you can access it without problems.

If you tend to forget where you have left your phone regularly, Finding my device is a tool that you should enable as soon as possible. Thus, you will be able to solve these constant forgetfulness, locate your device if it is stolen, or block your phone when you cannot access it.

Apps from the manufacturers themselves

Some mobile manufacturers have developed tools to unlock your device if you have forgotten the PIN, password or pattern. In this case, it is a method that you can only use if you have a mobile phone from some of these brands.

The most important is Samsung and its “Find My Mobile” service, which, as explained on its website, helps you access the phone if you have forgotten the configured unlock method. The first thing you must do to be able to use this function is sign in with your Samsung account. If you do not have one, proceed to register.

Once inside Find My Mobile with your Samsung account, in the options menu on the right side select “To unlock”. Within the message that appears on the screen, click on “Block” and then re-enter the password for your Samsung account. In a few seconds, your phone will be unlocked and you can set a new pattern, PIN or password. After testing this function, we highly recommend using this app If you have a mobile from the South Korean firm.

Unlock Samsung Mobile with Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is Samsung’s tool to find and unlock your mobile.

If you don’t have a Samsung mobile, you can ask your manufacturer to help you unlock your phone after giving you your details. This measure will not always be successful, but it is always better to try. It is worth mentioning that previously Sony had a service similar to that of Samsung called “MyXperia”, but it closed it and its users can no longer enjoy such a useful function as unlocking when you forget pattern, PIN or password.


We go back to Google to tell you about another service we own that can help you in this situation. This is SmartLock, a password manager that can be of great help to you if the code you have forgotten matches with the one you have established on other platforms. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis method is use SmartLock to remember which password is the one that matches your mobile and thus be able to unlock the terminal.

Obviously, to take advantage of the SmartLock utility, you must have previously registered with its services. From there, access your account and the list of passwords, find the one that matches that of your mobile and click on the button to make the code visible. Once you have revealed it, you will only have to go to your mobile and enter the password to unlock it.

Your google account

Your Google account can be even more useful if you have a phone with an old Android version. These terminals are blocked if you fail to enter the PIN, pattern or password five times. When doing so, it gives you the option “Forgot your password”, in which you will have to enter the email address associated with the phone.

To that address a code will be sent to you, which is the one you will have to write on the phone to unlock it. Once unlocked, remember to change the security method so that you don’t forget again. As you can see, this method is very simple, but it only works with the oldest Android devices on the market.

Desperate, restore the mobile

Format Android

Formatting your mobile is the last step you should take if you have forgotten your password.

The last possible option, desperate, is to restore your mobile from factory when you forget the pattern, password or unlock PIN. The disadvantage of this method is clear: you will lose all the data stored on your phone, except those that are stored on the SD card.

There are two options to format your mobile: from the Settings menu or from the menu recovery. Choose the one that best suits you and proceed to restore if you have not managed to unlock the phone with some of the techniques explained above.

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