Unreal Engine Launches Application That Uses 3D Facial Expressions Captured With Face ID


Many years ago, I played Medal of Honor on my computer, and you could go into the files and edit the textures and skins. With lots of expertise and Photoshop, my friends and I had our own characters with our real faces. The truth was that it was a lot of fun.

Unreal Engine just released a video game developer app that does something similar. You will not be able to see the characters of the games with your face, but with real expressions. Use an iPhone’s Face ID camera to capture an actor’s gestures and pass it to the game in real time. Amazing.

Unreal Engine has just released its developer app «Live Link Face«. This app uses the front camera Face ID of your iPhone to capture the gestures of your face and animate the characters of a game in real time, or use the animations to use them later.

This application uses the iPhone motion coprocessors. If the iPhone is attached to the user’s head, it will only record facial movements. If instead it is attached to a tripod, for example, it will capture head and neck movements.

Is an application designed for video game developers with Unreal engine. The movement captures will be perfectly synchronized so that they can be easily adapted to the rest of the game.

With this application you will no longer need an expensive recording studio to capture 3D movements of the actors to animate video game characters.

Unreal Engine is a famous 3D video game engine for all kinds of platforms, be it on iOS, iPadOS, macOS or game consoles. Unreal Engine is also used in digital video production, like the series «Mandalorian»From Disney +.

Live Link Face is available on the App Store. It is designed exclusively for developers, since is part of the Unreal Engine professional software package.

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