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Motorola does not lift its foot from the accelerator, to its large number of known launches in recent weeks, now it has also been seen one of its new cheaper models, such as the Motorola Moto G9 Play. This has revealed its first characteristics in a performance test where it has been seen.

The Play range of the firm is the one that reveals that we are facing one of the most affordable mobiles of the firm. In this case, it is the successor of one of its most interesting models, such as the new version of its mid-range mobile, which could be the first of the new Moto G9.

First data of a possible Moto G9 Play

Already in the past month of February we had the first information about this phone, or at least from a terminal to which this model was attributed. This time it is a somewhat more precise filtration, since it is the step through Geekbench of a phone called Motorola Moto G9 Play, so it does specify the model in question. In case of being this terminal we have been able to verify that there will be an important change in its processor.

Moto G9 Play

On this occasion, when passing through the performance test, it can be seen that the processor it has is the Snapdragon 662 if we attend to the motherboard that it uses. Therefore, it is an important leap compared to the MediaTek P70M that the Moto G8 Play has. Other data, quite obvious, are the operating system, which is Android 10, as well as the memory RAM which is 4GB, which is a great leap over the 2GB of the previous models, so it seems that the performance is going to be improved significantly.

A classic of the economic range

It must be said that the current Moto G8 Play has not been put on sale in Spain, although its previous generations have, so it would not be ruled out that we can see this G9 Play in our stores at some point. At the moment we know that the processor is going to be more advanced than the current one, as well as RAM memory, which will offer a comprehensive improvement in performance.

Motorola patent design

It is to be expected that, as we saw in the past month of February, it will go from three to four rear cameras. Then a scheme was already leaked in which it was shown that it could even have two front cameras in two holes. Something that honestly would miss us very much in a mobile of this entry range, but with Motorola you never know.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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