Update makes your computer slower

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A Windows update without problems is not a Windows update – at least that’s how it feels. A software update of the operating system seems to slow down the computer of various users incredibly. But how can you protect yourself from it? GIGA has all the information for you.

Windows 10: Edge update causes problems

The introduction of the new Edge browser with a Chromium substructure has been around for some time now, but there still seem to be problems, as Computerbild reports. Users from the Microsoft forum complain that the Windows update, which updates the Edge browser to the new version, has ensured that they can no longer use their PC. After the software update, the performance dropped so much that the startup takes three times as long as usual and the opening of new windows or programs is only implemented with a delay of a few seconds.

“No problem”, some users will probably think now. “The update can be easily uninstalled again in just a few steps.” But this is not the case with version KB4559309, as PaulWaite1 reports in the forum. If the user tries to uninstall the Edge update, he will be shown that this is an essential update that cannot be uninstalled.

Let’s hope that the update problem with Windows 10X improves. We already had a first look at the new Windows:

Faulty Windows Udpate: So you can avoid the error

If you have already installed the update and are affected by the problems, take a look first. Microsoft has already confirmed that the problem is being investigated, but it is not known when a solution can be expected. If, on the other hand, the Edge Update has not yet been automatically installed on the system, you can help yourself with a little trick: install the new Edge browser manually. After doing this, the new browser will be recognized by Windows 10 and the buggy update will not be downloaded.

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