Update: More information about new free TV channel Schlager Deluxe

The suspicion was not false: As the Highview announced on Tuesday, it is expanding its station portfolio and launching the free TV music station Schlager Deluxe (SDLX) via Astra 19.2 degrees.

The company also operates other music channels such as Deluxe Music and RCK.TV. Planet, good mood TV, jukebox, Xplore, just cooking and the still relatively new hunting and fishing channel Waidwerk also belong to the family of channels.

As expected, the newest member, Schlager Deluxe, is aimed at the fan community of Schlager lovers. According to its own statements, the broadcaster staged “contemporary, modern hits and shows current music videos by German-speaking artists as a back-to-back music spread, with a focus on the past 5 years.” German pop, cult and party hits will be played – folk music should however, as previously announced, are not in the portfolio. The program is to be expanded in the course of the year.

“We are very happy, especially in this challenging time, to be able to further expand our station portfolio at Highview. With Schlager Deluxe, we are offering a free home to the large fan community of the Schlager, ‚ÄĚsays Highview Managing Director Alexander Trauttmansdorff.

The frequency at which Schlager Deluxe can be received via Astra 19.2 degrees East can be found in the DIGITAL TELEVISION article from the previous day.

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