Update to Windows 10 May 2020 Update: 7 bugs and incompatibilities

This is detailed by many users, who are encountering the error of «This PC cannot be upgraded to Windows 10«. In the error, Microsoft states that “it is working to support your configuration”, and that the user “does not have to do anything”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t specify what glitches or what changes to make to fix it.

Microsoft does not detail this failure in the official list

A multitude of users have reported similar failures in the last two weeks. Although the company has recognized other failures that prevent updating, the latter does not appear on the official list. All we know from Microsoft is through engineer Jennifer Feng, who states that “due to some compatibility issues in numerous systems and hardware configurations, a new lock has been introduced when updating.”

Feng’s only advice is that users update all drivers possible of its hardware, which can take a long time, and it is something that Microsoft should do automatically in Windows Update, or at least let the user know that there are new versions for their drivers so that he chooses to update them.

A “convenient” way to force the update, as one user has discovered, is to download the update from the Internet with the Media Creation Tool. Once you have downloaded the ISO or the files necessary for the upgrade, you have to disconnect from the Internet. Once installed, the installation is now possible without major problem, and we can move on to reactivate the Internet.

These are the 7 “official” incompatibilities

However, there are still seven additional failures that may be preventing us from updating our computer. These failures are:

  • Incompatibility with older Realtek Bluetooth drivers
  • Conexant ISST Sound Driver Incompatibility
  • Incompatibility with other Conexant and Synaptics drivers
  • Blue screen with drivers prior to NVIDIA version 358.00
  • Incompatibility if monitor uses variable refresh rate with integrated Intel graphics card
  • Blue screen if you connect or disconnect a dock with Thunderbol connectivity
  • Device incompatibility when aksfridge.sys or aksdf.sys drivers are present.

Microsoft currently has some solutions in which it recommends checking all of these drivers before updating. It is recommended to manually review it to go updating or uninstalling the drivers corresponding until we can update without problem through Windows Update, since there the system can check if there are any drivers that are generating errors or not.

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