USA: Unified voucher cards for Apple Store & App Store

Apple has surprisingly implemented an important change to its voucher cards in the United States. So far there have been two separate vouchers: cards that can be redeemed in the Apple Store and Apple Online Store, cards for the App Store and other digital offers from Apple. That is now the end. In the future, Apple will only sell a gift card, the credit of which can be used in all of the company’s stores.

iTunes cards now also in the hardware store

Apple is taking a big step towards simplifying its voucher system. US customers who still have old iTunes or App Store vouchers do not have to worry. From now on, these can also be used for purchases in the Apple Store and Apple Online Store. In other words: The credit stored in the Apple account can now also be used for purchases in the Apple Store.

“Apple Store Gift Cards”, in other words, those previous gift cards that were intended for purchases in the Apple Store and Apple Online Store can still only be used in these stores. The credit of these cards can therefore not be credited to the Apple account.

Situation in Germany unclear

As already mentioned at the beginning, this change only affects the US market for the time being. The assumption that Apple is changing the voucher system in other markets is obvious. In Germany, in particular, there should also be a few legal hurdles to clear up. Because, according to our information, Apple sells only App Store and iTunes voucher cards in Germany and currently no credit for the Apple Store and Apple Online Store.

The background here is likely to be that the Apple retail stores and the online store are managed by various Apple subsidiaries and apparently no solution has been found (or no solution has yet been found) in order to use credit in both stores. This then also led to iTunes credits being used to purchase Apple products on Black Friday in Germany, but credit for the Apple Store in other countries – such as Austria.

Via MacRumors

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