Use HMA VPN to unblock Netflix content from another country

And it is calculated that what we see in Spain is nothing more than 20% of the total catalog of this platform (which amounts to about 1,300 titles of the more than 13,000 that the streaming service has in its portfolio). And for sample, a button. Here you can see what Netflix shows when we search for Spiderman in Spain.


And how things change when we look for it by accessing the catalog that is in the US How can you check, the offer shoots up including movies that have not yet reached the streaming service in our country such as Spiderman Into the Spiderverse, Angry Birds 2 or Pets 2.


How do you access the catalog of Netflix, HBO and other platforms?

Many of you probably already know the answer. It is clearly not a mystery that we have used a VPN. But for those who have encountered this for the first time, we will explain that we are only taking advantage of the same system that allowed us to use these services when they did not arrive in Spain – and that right now allows us to access others like Hulu that has not yet given the jump of the Atlantic -.

These versatile services allow us what we are explaining to you, and many other things. Specifically, the one we have used is HMA (initials of HideMyAss, yes, as it sounds), one of the best known and safest VPNs. Not surprisingly, it was acquired in 2016 by Avast, recognized for its computer security and antivirus products.

For those who do not know what a VPN is, it is a service that allows us to surf the Internet anonymously, being able to also choose from where in the world we want to “simulate” that we are connecting. applications both in Windows how Mac and Linux, in addition to both platforms to mobiles (iOS and Android), it also has the possibility of configuring it in routers, Android TV and Manzana TV. It is one of those that works best and that allows us to break the barriers imposed by some Internet services, at the same time that we shield our online identity when browsing. In fact, as of April 2020, they do not keep any IP records, activity logs, or DNS requests. It also has a “panic button” system that works automatically if one of its servers fails. Before leaving our identity exposed, it stops any communication until it finds a new secure connection. It should be added that HMA also offers tools such as DNS leak test, he tester of IP or the webRTC test, which confirms that our IP is not disclosed in the main video conferencing services.

Some more of the functions for which we recommend it are the more than 1,000 servers in more than 190 countries, so we are not only talking about unlocking the US catalog of the main streaming services, but also more exotic places like It can be Japan or any European country. And for speed, something that is usually attributed to these services, there is no need to worry, and good proof is that it has an integrated speed test that informs us of it.

Accessing the service is as simple as downloading the HMA VPN application corresponding to the device that we are going to use (by the way, it is possible to use the same account in several of them) and then … we could say that there are many steps to follow or that you have to configure something, but it is not the case since with its new interface it is extremely simple.


As you can see in the images, you just have to choose the server and slide the switch to put the whole system to work and take advantage of a VPN to view streaming content from other countries to protect our identity when browsing the Internet.

In terms of prices, HMA VPN has competitive prices all the time but, periodically, it offers great discounts so the best thing is to visit its official page and take a look, we can end up saving a lot if we “hunt” for a good offer and forget about up to 3 years of our privacy problems and, above all, to take advantage of Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Disney + subscriptions and more to come.

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