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Saving Money With Apple? Should be possible in the future, because the in-house flat rate should actually come now. A current report gives the name and options of the future offer. GIGA knows more.

Already months before there were corresponding reports that Apple would like to combine various services in a “super bundle” to a kind of flat rate. The always well-informed Mark Gurman from Bloomberg is currently confirming the plans in a new report, revealing the name and scope of the flat rate. As a result, the new offer is referred to internally by the US manufacturer as “Apple One”. Will the name make it to customers? At the moment this remains unanswered, but it would not be the first time that a nickname at Apple has survived the product launch. This was the case with Mac OS X’s big cat names, for example.

Apple Flatrate has 4 variants: Save money with Apple Music and Co.

According to Gurman, there should be four deviations from the flat rate:

  • Basic variant: Consists of Apple Music and Apple TV +.
  • Extended version: In addition to Apple Music and Apple TV +, this package will also contain Apple Arcade.
  • Third variant: In addition to Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, there is also Apple News +.
  • Top version: Everything is in here (Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News +) and on top of that iCloud storage.

A previously unknown fitness subscription with sports and fitness content would be completely new; this would be included in the more expensive packages. Important for the user: Depending on the package level, this should save between 2 and 5 euros per month compared to a single subscription to the services. For Apple it should still pay off in the end, hoping to win even more subscribers.

Together with iOS 14, “Apple One” should then have the big entrance:

Smart advertising: integration within iOS 14

Apple’s service flat rate is to appear as part of iOS 14, and users will be actively countering advertising for the bundles in the operating system. It is not yet clear to what extent “Apple One” will also be implemented in this country. For example, Apple News + is still not available in Germany today. The rest of the services are already available without any problems.