Valorant's Elderflame Weapon Skin Pack wallet-busting brings you back $ 100

Riot Games introduced Valorant’s first batch of Ultra Edition weapon skins, which inexplicably turn weapons into scaly, sentient pet kites.

The Elderflame weapon pack will be available in the in-game store for a little less than $ 100 on Friday, July 10. That’s about a hundred big ones that mock the other team with fake dragons and flaunt the wild things you’re willing to do with your disposable income in a video game.

Riot produced a trailer to overdo the new skins. You can take a look below.

As you can see, fire-breathing dragons replace the game’s weapons and even respond to in-game events with certain animations. When you knock down an opposing player, throw in a new load of ammunition, and swap weapons, the legendary switchbacks trigger a quick response.

The miniature creatures emit a delightful squeaky roar and spray fired balls with a fiery glow. Their wings also come together to create a scope when they aim at a sight. It’s clear that Riot doubled when he showed the first Ultra Edition skin pack – somehow they have to justify this princely sum, right? It can be said with certainty that the new skins far exceed what Valorant players have seen so far. The detail and complexity are impressive.

In an interview with Polygon, the design team behind Elderflame exposed the trial and error – and a fair amount of frustration – that went with making the skins and making them feel balanced and fair to the players. It’s a fascinating read that shows how much is invested in making something that seems as simple as a cosmetic in the game.

The Elderflame weapon pack gives you back 9900 VP (Valorant Points), which is approximately $ 95. This comes from a breakdown tweeted by Valorant’s sales leader Joe Lee. The bundle is reported to contain four parts, each with a price of 2475 VP, which correspond to the skin price levels published by Riot in May. A single Elderflame weapon skin alone costs $ 25.

The developer hasn’t given specific details yet, but the trailer suggests that the full package includes five skins – an operator skin, a judge skin, a frenzy skin, a vandal skin, and a tactical knife / custom melee weapon – Skin.

The animations, audio files, finisher and graphics of the individual skins can be improved by spending Valorant’s Radianite currency in the game, checking off the Battle Pass and Premium Pass levels or spending real money in the shop. These upgrades exist as levels, each of which unlock a certain piece of new Elderflame flair. To sum it up: A fully decorated Elderflame weapon pack will likely cost significantly more than the original $ 100 admission price, unless you’ve been busy accumulating a lot of radianates for a special occasion like this.

Judging by the response to the Elderflame reveal, there’s no shortage of players willing to look for the skins. I never quite managed to wrap my head around justifying large sums for cosmetics, but all the power for those who did.

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