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Valve Launches Steam Labs Experiment News Hub Update

Valve Launches Steam Labs Experiment News Hub Update

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the digital Steam storefront, Valve has released a new update for Steam Labs that improves the website’s news hub. The update, called Steam Labs Experiment 009, is now available for everyone to try in the Steam client and the browser version of the storefront.

The idea is to simplify navigation and allow users to load a variety of preset views. The main change introduced with the update is a layout update. As Valve explains in Steam Labs Experiment updates:

“The menu on the left (which used to be a long list of check boxes) now focuses on toggling between the most important preset views and gives us space to add more preset views in the future. The filters to exclude certain event types or certain sources have been moved to a secondary menu. The left bar also contains a game search box that you can use to quickly find news about a specific game. “

We can expect Valve to work it out with more relevant presets in the coming months.

Upcoming events now have their own area that makes it easier for users to find and track the events that are relevant to them from their game library. We talk about maintenance news, in-game events, updates, DLC and sales.

In addition, there is now a new “Highlighted” area, in which a selection of contributions from the 100 best-selling games is presented on the platform. According to Steam, the section will include curated events that Valve considers appropriate, as well as popular events from a wider range of games. A quick look at news from popular games like Rust, World of Warships, The Elder Scrolls Online and Football Manager 2020.

The update also shows some love to dedicated Game News Hubs. Valve explained:

“The layout of each game news hub has also been updated to make it easier to identify the game area and provide links for quick access to the store page, community, and more. This also cleans up the individual messages in this view so that you don’t have to see the game name in every single post again. “

With the latest update from Steam Labs, the News Hub for mobile users is being realigned. These include a new navigation mode for switching between sections, quick access to the game search and better all-round formatting, which makes it easier to search through content and text.

You can try the new changes by going to the Messages section in the Store drop-down list. Click the large “Click here to try the Steam News Hub” banner at the top of the page to jump to Steam Labs view. It’s worth noting that the News Hub is still under construction and Valve is encouraging users to provide feedback and suggestions.

We played around quickly and although it’s not too revolutionary, it is undoubtedly an improvement over overloading the existing news site with endlessly scrolling content. It is much more digestible and pleasant to use, although it will surely benefit from a little more handicrafts before it is suitable for a full start.

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