Vendor issue with iPhone 12 lens

iPhone 12

It seems that we are not going to have a quiet summer with the launch of the iPhone 12 and it is that after officially confirming the delay of its arrival in stores, not of its presentation -in principle- now the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo talks about a possible problem with the quality of the device’s cameras.

In this sense, in addition to warning of the quality problem in the lens of the device, the controversial analyst explains that in this sense it would not affect the planned launch and subsequent market launch dates. Come on it seems that the problem with these lenses would not alter dates.

A one-off problem from a lens supplier

Testing of the iPhone components revealed a fault with the lenses. It appears that the supplier detected a failure in the high temperature and humidity (HTHH) tests caused by a crack in the wide angle objective lens that would mount on the 5.4 and 6.1 inch iPhones respectively. In this sense, it seems that they are joining efforts with other providers so as not to fall short in this important component.

The official confirmation by the Cupertino company about the delay in the launch of its new iPhone models seems to have nothing to do with this detected problem, so in principle this should not further delay the date set by Apple to launch its teams to the market, in any case we will be attentive to this type of supplier reports as they are the key for the iPhone 12 models to arrive on time, see the case of Qualcomm’s 5G chip…

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