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Video game sales: we go out less, we spend more

Video game sales: we go out less, we spend more

We live in times when it is difficult to find good news, so knowing that video game sales are experiencing a particularly good time It is, without a doubt, something to be very happy about. And yes, in agreement, although with nuances, it is evident that the main reason for this (I say the main one, not the only one) is that the coronavirus keeps half the world locked up at home (and part of the other medium may have to return to seclude, having seen the latest issues …), but there is nothing wrong with trying to find some positive reading of something that is otherwise so terribly negative.

NPD Group has released the video game sales data from last June, as well as the accumulated YTD (Year To Date, year to date sales) of 2020, and the truth is that the industry can feel quite satisfied with both the numbers of the last month as for the sum of the first semester of this atypical year 2020. And it is that, according to TechCrunch reports, In June alone, 1.2 billion dollars were spent on PC games and game consoles, no less than 26% more than the sales produced in June of last 2019. You have to go back to June 2009 to find a higher figure.

Regarding the annual accumulated, at the end of June, videogame sales in 2020 stood at $ 6.6 billion, Another fact that, without being the historical maximum, if it forces us to go back to the same period in 2010, when the 7,000 million dollars were reached. In other words, it is not the best moment in history for this market, but it is one of the sweetest for around a decade in terms of video game sales.

And this is even more striking if we take into account the dark clouds surrounding economic and business activity, and the forecasts that the coming months, and even years, will be quite complicated. However, and in a second reading with a little more depth, yes it makes some sense that in times of cuts in leisure-related spending, video game sales may not be as affected. And it is that a game can provide many, many hours of leisure for a closed price, and that it is considerably cheaper than filling all those hours with many other leisure activities.

In case you’re wondering, this is the top 10 video game sales in June 2020:

June May Name Publisher
one New The Last of Us: Part II Sony
two one Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Activision Blizzard
3 3 Animal Crossing: New Horizons * Nintendo
4 two Grand Theft Auto V Take 2 Interactive
5 5 Mortal Kombat 11 Warner Bros. Interactive
6 6 Red Dead Redemption II Take 2 Interactive
7 835 Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo
8 4 NBA 2K20 Take 2 Interactive
9 eleven Mario Kart 8: Deluxe * Nintendo
10 14 Minecraft Dungeons * Microsoft

* Does not include sales through the Nintendo digital store

Nothing surprising except, as you can see, that Ring Fit Adventure. from Nintendo Switch, it jumped from position 835 in May to position 7 in June. The reason? Well again it has to do with the pandemic, since the closing of the gyms has forced many people to start doing sports at home.

There is no doubt that games have become a great company and an excellent evasion in recent months. And, of course, video game sales are a clear reflection of this. Back in March we told you what we thought to play during the confinement (although the list has been growing over the months), What’s your case Have you played more than ever? And have you also bought more than ever? Or, on the contrary, in your case the pandemic has not had any impact on your purchases and hours of play?

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