A few weeks ago we already saw in photos what could be the models of the new iPhone 12 model and now a few days later we have the same fake iPhone 12 but on video. It is the supposed design that we will see in this year’s iPhone and therefore we have straight sides but still show three cameras on the back without the LiDAR, so in this sense it does not seem that they are the ultimate smartphone.

This is the video of just over 6 minutes in which the YouTube channel iupdate shows the new iPhone 12 type dummy that we saw in photos and compares it with current iPhone:

These early models could clearly be the designs of the new models of iPhone 12 of 5,4, 6,1 and 6,7 inches. From the design changes of these iPhone 12 we are also surprised that in the video you can see how the chassis of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 is physically smaller than the iPhone SE 2, something that is precisely due to the great design work Apple in this regard.

These new iPhones are expected to arrive next September and it seems that they will do so on time, without delays according to the latest rumors. In any case, the important thing here is that this iPhone 12 design could leave aside the round edges that we have in the current iPhone 11 and that come from iPhone 6, when precisely from models with flat corners to rounded corners. We will see that there is truth in these dummy, but it is missing all summer to see more rumors and videos of this type.