Video parody of Apple about teleworking

Work from home

Apple published a few hours ago a parody video of the days of “chaos” and telework in which many of us present have been represented. The new video has a duration of about 7 minutes and some sympathetic aspects of the confinement to which the authorities have subjected us to curb the coronavirus pandemic in which we are immersed are reflected. This is undoubtedly a nice way to take the crisis.

The video posted by Apple is titled: “The whole working from home thing” and it is undoubtedly a humorous point of view of the crisis in which we are immersed and some situations of teleworking:

Curious themes that we find in the video is for example the day of the week in the video produced by the Cupertino company is that the iOS version shown in this is prior to the current beta version. All or almost all actors use AirPods and AirPods Pro on their devices in addition to Apple Watch, augmented reality also appears and especially FaceTime. It’s funny to see how similar the real life video of employees who have had to telecommute from home these days can be.

It is clear that the video is focused entirely on a humorous tone and it may be that some of the scenes seen represent us at a time lived a few weeks ago when we were at home without being able to leave, it is impossible not to have experienced any of these situations.

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