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Virgin Galactic plans new Concorde

Virgin Galactic plans new Concorde

Virgin billionaire Richard Branson’s company has unveiled plans for a new supersonic passenger jet. The drive is provided by the Concorde veterans from Rolls Royce.

However, the seats in the Mach 3 aircraft are said to be very limited. Virgin Galactic speaks of up to 19 seats in the new supersonic aircraft. This should fly at an altitude of 18 kilometers and use the most modern, sustainable fuel.

Rolls Royce has brought the company on board to implement the noble plans. The British are supposed to provide the engine, as they did with the Concorde. First, a non-binding memorandum was signed by both parties, on the basis of which the further development should take place. The declaration of intent between Virgin Galactic and Rolls Royce should go beyond the planned Concorde successor and also come into play in other high-speed projects. There is already a contractually agreed cooperation with NASA in this sector.

According to the company, there was an examination of the concept before the plans were announced. Now the next phase of the project is to be approached. It is primarily about material and configuration issues as well as the system architecture of the planned supersonic aircraft. In any case, it should be able to take off and land at commercial airports.

However, a specific time frame for the project has not yet been given.

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