Vivo follows in the footsteps of OPPO: they will launch their own smartwatch

OPPO was leaving us this spring with its first smart watch, the OPPO Watch. This is an important launch for the brand, which in these first months of the year has gained a significant presence in Spain. A path that other brands seek to imitate, since Vivo is also working on entering the Spanish market.

While we wait for the brand to gain presence in Spain, it is clear that they seek to follow in OPPO’s footsteps in more ways. As Vivo will also launch its own smartwatch. The brand was one of the few that had no presence in this segment, but it will soon change.

Alive will have its own watch

For now there are few details about this Vivo Watch, supposed name of the watch, although it has already been certified, so that in a few months it could be reality. This brand watch would be released in two different sizes. They would arrive with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which has been recently certified. Also, it would have 5W wireless charging.

There are no pictures at the moment on the clock, although a brand patent shows a classic design for the same. A rounded body, where there are two physical buttons present. A design that is similar to the Galaxy Watch and would also have interchangeable straps, something already very common in the field of sports watches.

This Vivo Watch has been certified in Europe and AsiaSo it seems the brand would have plans to launch it globally sometime in the coming months. It would not be unusual if when the brand enters markets like Spain they already have this new watch ready, to have a wider range of products available to users. It is not known what operating system the brand will use in it, if they will bet on Wear OS or their own system.

We will have to keep waiting for Know more about this Chinese brand watch. So far the brand has only released phones, but most manufacturers on Android also release devices such as bracelets or watches, so it is not surprising that Vivo finally took this step.

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