VMware Workspace ONE: Central platform for the digital workplace

Corona has changed the world of work considerably. Many companies have arranged home offices for their employees. Previously, working from home was only allowed in exceptional cases. But flexible working is not only important in times of crisis. Even in normal everyday business, employees want to access their business applications from home or on the move or take part in video conferences.

This means that home offices and other forms of distributed teamwork are gaining in importance and are becoming the “new normal”. This is shown in a current survey by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization (IAO) and the German Personnel Management Association (DGFP) among around 500 German companies. According to this, almost 90 percent have found that more home offices are possible without any disadvantages. Based on the experience of the past few months, 42 percent have already decided to expand the range of home offices; a similar proportion of those questioned are still in a consideration phase.

During the corona pandemic, many companies opted for communication solutions such as teams, zoom, etc. to enable them to work quickly and distributed. But communication alone is not enough if flexible forms of work become everyday business. It’s about secure access to applications and data from any device, regular updates of apps or the enforcement of guidelines. Solutions like VMware┬« Workspace ONE ™ can help here.

VMware Workspace ONE is a platform for digital workplaces that provides and manages every application easily and securely on every device. The solution combines access control, application and endpoint management in a central platform and is available as a cloud service or as a local installation (on-premise). It offers simple single sign-on access for users of cloud, web and Windows applications as well as mobile apps via a uniform catalog of corporate applications. Employees can securely access their data and applications from anywhere with any device, or network with other colleagues.

The administrative burden for the IT department is reduced considerably, since Workspace ONE automates and accelerates the onboarding of new employees and the configuration of end devices. It can register, manage and continuously monitor all devices that need access to company resources from a single console – be it PCs, notebooks, Macs, tablets, smartphones or IoT devices.

Workspace ONE also simplifies the cross-device processes for authorization and provisioning, distributes applications, updates or patches efficiently wirelessly and offers consistent, uniform processes and guidelines across all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows 10, macOS, Chrome OS etc.). The basis for this is a cloud-based real-time approach that supplements or can completely avoid lifecycle management for legacy products.

Easy administration and flexible access to applications are possible, since all digital workstations and applications are virtualized via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and provided via a central server. By using Workspace ONE with VMware Horizon Service, conflicts between different applications can be resolved. Business-critical networking requirements are also supported in strictly regulated industries such as healthcare or government agencies. The solution also minimizes management costs and improves security through consistent policies for access and endpoint management.

Workspace ONE ensures that only authorized users and compliant devices can access applications. It enables IT to continuously capture device status, user details and the context of authentication to identify risks and identify anomalies that indicate malicious intentions. On this basis, you can take appropriate countermeasures. The platform is also suitable for responding to threats, such as remediation, in the event that employees at work in the home office fall victim to a phishing attack detected by VMware Carbon Black EDR. Workspace ONE also simplifies the introduction of zero trust access controls.

The digital workplace from VMware thus stands for a remote-oriented corporate culture, promotes flexibility and productivity in the home office, improves the work-life balance of employees and ensures the security of sensitive information.

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