Vodafone: Frankfurt am Main becomes a 5G city

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Vodafone describes the financial metropolis as a “5G city”. The company has now activated another 150 5G antennas at 50 locations in the city.

With this activation, the fast mobile network should now be widely available in the city, as Vodafone reports. According to its own statements, the network operator is using “mid-bad” (1.8 gigahertz) frequencies for the first time to ensure 5G supply. Thus, 5G network should now be available in all districts of Frankfurt.

With the network expansion, Vodafone wants to align itself with local requirements. In the low band range (700 megahertz), this includes closing radio holes in rural areas, fast network in densely populated cities (1.8 gigahertz mid-band). In the high-band range (3.5 gigahertz), the network provider wants to bring gigabit bandwidths to where many people want to access the network in parallel. These include larger stadiums or train stations. In future, data transmission should be possible in real time with all three frequency ranges, according to Vodafone.

Vodafone technology chief Gerhard Mack comments: “We are building our 5G network in a customer-oriented manner. We close dead spots where there was still too often a crack in the line. Where the Internet of Things grows in the factory buildings, we build customized networks. And where more and more people live and use digital services with smartphones and tablets at the same time, we are increasing the bandwidth. In Frankfurt, our customers are now surfing even faster in many places. ”

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