Vodafone Introduces a Keychain-sized GPS Locator

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The operator of British origin has just made official its new strategy for this 2020 regarding the company’s IoT product catalog. The Vodafone Curve is the product that will launch the Internet of Things bet during the second half of this year. It’s about a GPS locator the size of a keychain that comes in the form of monthly service for the current clients of the company and for new hires.

The device in question connects to the network through the connection provided by the SIM card provided by Vodafone. In this way, the locator allows us to obtain a continuous monitoring of objects for up to 7 days on a single charge.

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Vodafone Curve, this is the Vodafone GPS locator

Continuing with Vodafone’s commitment to the Internet of Things, the Vodafone Curve comes as a mobile independent device In addition to having a separate SIM card, it is compatible with the new Vodafone application that replaces V by Vodafone App, Vodafone Smart.

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From this same application we can locate the device at all times. We can also play between the four different types of location: energy saving, normal, performance and real time. The difference between each of the types of location starts from the number of “signals” that the locator sends through the network. Thus, we can configure to our liking the frequency with which the Vodafone Curve sends its location to Vodafone servers. The autonomy of the device will depend precisely on the way in which we configure the location, with a maximum of 7 days of use if we choose the most conservative mode.

If we stick exclusively to the technical characteristics of the device, the locator has four different location technologies: WiFi, mobile network, GPS and Bluetooth. Too Allows you to create areas on the map to receive alerts when the device enters or leaves the defined limits in the app. It also has an immediate alert button that allows older people, children and dependents to be located at all times within the map shown in the application.

As if this were not enough, the Vodafone Curve is IP67 certified; in other words, it is resistant to dust and immersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters. It should be noted that the application is compatible with several devices, so we can make use of several Vodafone Curve at the same time. The company has also stated that the device is compatible with the roaming service that Vodafone currently offers in its mobile rates and that allows us to have network supply in Europe and the United States. If the device is outside the countries that support Vodafone roaming, the operator will apply the corresponding surcharge on the invoice.

Vodafone Curve price and availability

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The device goes on sale today in the British operator’s store and will arrive in the next few weeks at the rest of the points of sale. The price of the device is 3 euros a month if we opt for the monthly subscription or 24 euros in a single payment plus another 2 euros monthly subscription.

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