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Vodafone offer for Huawei P40 Pro with free tablet

Vodafone offer for Huawei P40 Pro with free tablet


There are offers that are difficult to pass up and this time we are faced with one of them, Vodafone offers us the Huawei P40 Pro the best price with your last offer but the thing does not stop here. We are going to be able to take this authentic high-end Huawei with a Mediapad T5 tablet as a gift so that we can take advantage of the Huawei ecosystem on both devices.

With specifications that make us have no doubts that it is an ideal mobile for many audiences, this smartphone with 5G connectivity Together with Vodafone, it will offer us the best connection and almost unattainable response times for the competition. A mobile that you like inside and out, with a very current design that includes an AMOLED screen with a fingerprint reader on the screen and a double hole on the front to get the most out of selfies and the screen.

huawei p40 pro

Its rear cameras are not far behind and are prepared to offer us versatility and all the details with the 52 Mpx main lens next to the wide angle, telephoto lens capable of photographing the moon, in addition to the 3D ToF to improve portrait mode. Inside we also have 256 GB of storage so that for many photos we take this summer we do not stay half. A great equipment that for the price at which we find it in Vodafone we do not see it anywhere else.

The Huawei P40 Pro on sale with Vodafone

We may not have to give ourselves more reasons to fall in love with this Huawei P40 Pro on sale, but even talking about its price we will be pleasantly surprised. A device that has everything and that we can take for only 744 euros with the Vodafone total unlimited rate, which includes 5G speed to take advantage of this smartphone. To contract it we will only have to call the phone number 900 920 187 and ask for this offer.

Click here and call 900920187 for free to consult Vodafone offers

We can also choose another of the rates that are available, in the following table we chop the precise rates and the total cost of the smartphone with each of them:

VODAFONE RATES . Installment payment (36 months) Initial payment Total cost in installments
. .
(Huawei P40 Pro)
(Huawei P40 Pro)
(Huawei P40 Pro)
Unlimited Total (21.99 euros in promotion, after 36.99 € month)
(256 GB)
€ 17.50 / month € 0 € 791.64
Unlimited Super (24.99 euros in promotion, after € 49.99 per month)
(256 GB)
€ 31 / month (24 months) € 0 € 744
Unlimited 32.99 euros
(256 GB)
€ 21.99 / month € 0 € 791.64
Mini 19.99 euros
(256 GB)
€ 24.50 / month € 39 € 882

Whatever our final decision, by calling the phone number that we have shown you, we will get the tablet Mediapad T5 totally free. A tablet valued at 249 euros that is the complete ideal for our new mobile or to leave it at home for the little ones and that they also release technology. Units are limited, so it would be better to hurry if we do not want to run out of this promotion.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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