Vodafone, the only operator that gains TV customers in H2 2020

He second quarter of 2020 It has been a very complicated period in Spain, since it was occupied almost entirely by the state of alarm that ended in June. In that period of time, sports competitions also stopped, where football stopped dead from the second week of March and it was not until the end of June that the matches were played behind closed doors.

Vodafone improves its figures of TV without sport

Two years ago, Vodafone started a rather daring move in the field of television, where it decided not to bid on football because of the difficulty of making that investment profitable, coupled with the fact that the price of rights has not stopped rising in recent years. auctions. To make up for that absence, they decided to become one of the largest content aggregators in the world, with a multitude of movies and series, and reaching agreement with numerous streaming platforms, since right now it integrates platforms and content such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video , AXN Now, FoxNOW or Movistar Series y Cine.

The strategy did not play a good trick in the first months, despite the fact that the company was willing to sacrifice even the 400,000 subscribers to football that it had, since it hoped that in the medium term it could recover a significant part of them. After falling to 1.26 million subscribers in the first quarter without Champions, League or Formula 1.

Movistar and Orange lose TV clients in the first half of 2020

However, in launching convergent offers with packs aimed at cinema, series and documentaries, in addition to agreements such as HBO, they have made the operator go back, and currently it already has 1.46 million television subscribers. That figure supposes 98,000 more customers than in the fourth quarter of 2019. In contrast, we see that Orange has lost 46,000 customers up to 672,000, while Movistar lost 19,500 to settle at 4,054,000.

As we see, Vodafone TV’s strategy has worked in the long term, as they have managed to achieve one of their best subscriber numbers in their history. Movistar is still a long way off, since in addition to its own and third-party content, it also has a significant number of sports competitions, but in the case of Vodafone it is easier to make its content profitable without depending on the large sums of money that sporting events cost.

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