Voicemod, the app to change the voice most used by streamers, reaches the mobile

The famous app popularized by streamers around the world already has its mobile version.

Has become the favorite tool of streamers and gamers of all the world, and now Voicemod It is now available for Android mobiles. The popular sound modulation tool that allows transform our voice In that of a baby, a robot or Darth Vader, among many other characters, he has crossed the barriers of the desktop to end up landing in Google Play and Apple Store for Android and iOS mobiles.

After an impressive reception by users from all over the world in their PC application, from Voicemod they did not want to miss the opportunity to conquer the main mobile platforms, occupying a gap that until now no other app had managed to dominate despite being several apps that allow you to change your voice. So now, after raising more than 7 million dollars in investments, the Valencia-based company has decided launch Voicemod Clips for mobile and thus offer users of both platforms the possibility of using their fun voice filters.

Voicemod Clips: record videos or audios and change your voice from the mobile

Voicemod clips

Voicemod Clips app is now on Android

Beyond its fun filters, one of the main reasons why Voicemod has become such a popular application lies in its ability to integrate with services and platforms such as Discord, Stream Deck, Zoom or the very same Fortnite, something that has led the tool to become part of the set of favorite apps from all over streamer worth its salt.

In the case of the app for Android and iOS, the creators of Voicemod want take advantage of the format stories of applications like Instagram or TikTok, giving the possibility of capture videos to which a voice filter is applied which uses a combination of digital signal processing with artificial intelligence to generate synthetic voices. When recording video, it is also allowed add masks in augmented reality that modify the appearance of our face.

In this way, Voicemod Clips offers options to record only audio and to record video with the mobile camera. Once the option is selected, simply capture the content and apply the filter you want to use. Then you just have to share the video or audio through any platform or social network. Of course, audios created with Voicemod can be share in the form of WhatsApp voice memos.

Voicemod Clips is a free app, and each day offers twelve different voice filters that vary frequently. Unlike its desktop version, there are no in-app payments intended to unlock the rest of the voice filters or the possibility of creating custom voices. However, it is possible that sooner or later the mobile variant enter some kind of version Pro that allows you to get even more out of the tool.

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