Waipu.tv and Netflix: is there more to come?

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The IPTV provider recently announced its cooperation with streaming giant Netflix, opening up new opportunities for customers. After the big deal, does Waipu.tv have more arrows in its quiver?

With the new Perfect Plus package from Waipu.tv, its IPTV program and the VoD selection of the global streaming market leader Netflix become one offer. The different tariffs from Basic to Premium can be obtained from a single source together with the television programs from over 100 channels, many of them in HD.

Waipu.tv is currently on the up and growing – not just in terms of content selection. When asked by DF whether further collaborations with other major streaming providers such as Disney + or Amazon Prime Video were conceivable, a spokesman for the provider replied: “The expansion of content is and will remain our absolute focus! In addition to collaborations such as with Netflix, the waipu.tv Perfect customer can already enjoy over 10,000 content on demand in the Waiputhek! Of course, we will continue to expand our content offering in the future. “

In this respect, at the latest after the announcement of the big deal with Netflix, it is clear: Waipu.tv is becoming increasingly interesting for customers – and it seems anything but unlikely that further doors will open for subscribers of the IPTV provider in the future.

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