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Warzone – 30 GB update with 200 mode and long-awaited nerfs

by Tejas Dhawan

The major Update Season 4 Reloaded has recently been released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. There is a new mode for 200 players and the weapons have also been properly screwed on. Yes, gray and MP5, you meant it.

Image: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone are being turned upside down in the Season 4 Reloaded Update. But first, the tiresome topic in the form of the size of the update.

For players that only Free2Play variant from Warzone play is an update with a size of 22 to 30 GB on. The good news in the end will be the entire game a little less space on the hard disk take in. For the Full version of Modern Warfare is the update size 22 to 36 GB and then another 3.5 GB download takes place on the console. This increases the overall game size slightly.

News from Verdansk

In a new mode, there are now 50 more players in battle – BR Quads 200. A new order is now waiting for you in all BR modes. Do you take “Supply Run” on, you have to go to the next shopping station as quickly as possible to find one Discount on your purchases to get.

There is also new equipment, that Spotter scope can be used several times and is a pair of binoculars with which you can mark opponents. What is special: the scope creates no reflections from the lens, so the opponents cannot discover you while collecting information.

The Gulag now also has semi-automatic weapons, snipers and a loadout of knives and fists.


Modern Warfares dream playlist returns

There are also some changes in Modern Warfare, for example the popular playlist “Shoot the Ship 24/7” back. Only the Maps Shipment and Shoot House are rotating here, a dream for kill hunters.

With Cheshire Park has a new mapthat can be extensively tested in a 24/7 playlist. Realism Mosh Pit is now part of the regular Quick Play.

Weapon adjustments

They became common Start and maximum ammunition increased for most assault rifles. In the shotguns, the slug attachments have been given a basic buff. The gray and the MP5 were the main targets.

With the gray the Damage range reduced, this was also done specifically for the runs “Archangel” and “Nexus”, which also have a Reduction of recoil compensation got. The recoil was increased slightly at high firing frequency.

The MP5 also received one Reduction of the damage range. The same applies to the 10mm ammunition, which was additionally the Recoil increased and reduces the damage over long distances.

You can do all other weapon adjustments Patch notesremove.

Start photo gallery(51 images)

CoD Modern Warfare: All weapons with list and stats

What is the most interesting innovation for you? Are you saying the Battle Royale mode for 200 players or are you most excited about the nerfs of gray and MP5? Write your opinion in the comments.

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