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Watch the pirated Champions for IPTV: UEFA measures

Watch the pirated Champions for IPTV: UEFA measures

Ending pirate IPTV, the main form of audiovisual content piracy of the moment is the main motivation of the major sports leagues. Here, they all go hand in hand, call each other Premier League, LaLiga or UEFA, in the case of soccer, but also the NBA, the FIA ​​or MotoGP, in other sports fields. All of them have great economic interests to end piracy.

UEFA launches anti-piracy offer

UEFA maintains under its power some of the most prestigious competitions on the planet. On the one hand, we have the Champions League, which can be considered the jewel in the crown. On the other hand, the European Championship. All this, without forgetting the Europa League, the European Super Cup and other minor tournaments.

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Fighting piracy in these competitions is neither easy nor cheap, so UEFA has launched one to search for partners to collaborate on this mission. Yesterday they published the bases that companies and organizations that must help them end piracy must comply with until 2024.

Efforts should focus on minimizing the impact of piracy on UEFA’s revenue, as well as showing concern for both live piracy and “delayed” piracy. In the first area, UEFA partners must send requests for blocking, deletion, withdrawal letters and other measures to end streaming content.

To help in this task, companies that broadcast content in different countries must impose a series of digital protection measures, such as advanced watermarks and the like. In this way, it will be easier to find the origin of the pirates, blocking the sources, especially in the case of pirated IPTV.

UEFA explains that “the winners of the proposal must investigate (in forums, social networks, etc.) and monitor in real time the availability of pirated content for applications such as KODI or any other pirated IPTV. On the basis of these investigations, they must propose to UEFA effective measures to combat piracy, such as reverse engineering to identify the culprit. “

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