Watch TV for free with Live NetTV apk on your Fire TV and Android device

Live NetTV is one of the most popular live TV streaming apps today, widely acclaimed for offering thousands of TV channels offering free IPTV in HD. Streaming easier is the motto of the developers and they ensure that your streaming is not hindered by offering alternative links for streams and regularly updating the list of streams.

To help you learn more about how to watch TV for free and this streaming app, here is a detailed overview of Live NetTV.

Live NetTV overviewlive NetTV overview

As the name suggests, Live NetTV is one dedicated TV streaming app (there are a few VOD movies, but this section is still under construction, so we’ll ignore it for now). The app offers streams from all over the world so you can enjoy IPTV in HD for free so you can watch TV for free. You can therefore enjoy PPV events like UFC, boxing, WWE, etc. and other live sports like football – in addition to regular TV programming.

Live NetTV, however does not host the streams it provides and it generally crawls on the Internet to get free streams for the TV channels. This is of some concern as most of these are usually illegal, and Live NetTV developers are happy to waive any liability. This means that if you use the app, you are responsible for your own privacy.

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However, not all VPNs are effective at this.

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Live NetTV Features

Download, play

One of the best things about LiveNet TV is that you don’t need a subscription or even an account to use. Just to have an internet connection to watch TV for free.

Simple interface

LiveNet TV has a simplistic (but not the most attractive) interface that is well organized to make it easy to get channels. Under the channel categories, the channels are further grouped into specific countries including Pakistani, Indian, International, US, UK, Arabic, Iran and Turkish.

Live NetTV has hundreds of TV channels to watch for free

The main category also includes countries such as Indonesia, Portugal, German, Canada, Thailand, Italy, Australia and South India.

Live events section

This is one of the best features of the Live NetTV app. This section provides a list of all live and upcoming events. The function can be used to go straight to a live event instead of searching for the channel that is broadcasting it, unlike other apps.

In the Live NetTV Live Events section, choose the event instead of the TV channel to watch for free

You can easily plan the event for upcoming events and select a channel of your preference. When the event starts, Live TVNet will automatically tune in. This function can be found under the menu section.

Save your favorites

If you watch a particular channel often, you can make it easily accessible by simply pressing the favorite button when you open it.

Channel request and reporting

You can request to add a particular TV channel to Live NetTV to watch it for free

You can request a specific channel or report a problem directly from a reporting option on the menu side.

Support for external players

LiveNet TV supports the well-known media players, including Android Player, MX player, XMTV player and their own XYZ Player.

Chromecast support

The app provides the ability to cast live channels to your TV using LocalCast, WebVideoCast and Bubble UPnP players.


The fact that there are hundreds of TV channels in different languages ​​to watch for free means that browsing can be a bit tricky. However, With LiveNet TV you can solve this by providing a feature that allows you to hide channel
s from any country or language that you don’t find useful. This function can be found under the settings page.

You can also change your channel font style, quality and set a password for the settings tab.

Channels breakdown

Live NetTV offers 800+ live TV channels to watch for free, and these are grouped into different categories and countries. But one of the best things about the app is that channels and links are added and updated daily as soon as possible. This ensures that while you don’t miss a broken link in over 800+ free channels, this is minimized as much as possible.

The channel categories include:

  • Sports – This is arguably the best category in the app and includes almost all of the best sports channels in the world.
  • News – This section contains about 160 channels from different countries.
  • Movies – Here you will find many special movie channels
  • Documentary – Fan of the Nat Geos and discoveries? This section is well populated.
  • Cooking, music, children and religious – Each of these categories is packed with more than 100 channels from around the world.

You can always hide some channels to improve navigation.

Live NetTV Pros and Cons

Live NetTV Pros

  • 800+ channels
  • Registration is not necessary
  • Multiple links
  • Wide variety of channels
  • Easy to use interface
  • The Live Events section is super useful

Live NetTV Cons

  • Some links may be broken
  • Since the ad is supported, you will encounter an ad every now and then

Install Live NetTV on Firestick and Android TV to watch TV for free

To help you install the app hassle-free, we have prepared a detailed installation guide that you can use to install the app on both Firestick and Android TV Box. Below is the link.

Install LiveNet TV on Firestick & Android TV Box

Looking for alternatives?

You can check out the apps below:

We also have a great compilation of the best Kodi builds for Live TV.


The Live NetTV app provides an excellent option to tune in to your favorite stations and enjoy live events from all over the world.

The only concern is the legality of the streams you receive, and therefore always protect yourself with IPVanish when using the app!

We hope this Live NetTV review for watching TV for free has been helpful. If so please share and share it with your friends. Also, let us know your experiences in the comments below.

To enjoy!


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