Watch UFC Fight Night 174 Robert Whittaker vs Darren Till on Kodi

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If you’re a fan of the UFC, you’ve been watching all the action on Yas Island closely. UFC Fight Night Whittaker vs Till is the last of four fights scheduled to take place on the island and will be booked for Saturday July 2020. Robert Whittaker, former UFC Middleweight Champion, wants to prove his authority against former welterweight champion Darren Till. We saw Darren Till a while ago in UFC Fight Night 147 when the world was a bit more normal, but even in these strange times you can Watch UFC Fight Night 174 Whittaker vs Till on Kodi free. I list some reliable working add-ons that are compatible with Kodi 17 and 18 builds.

UFC Fight Night Whittaker vs Till

Event details

  • Event name: UFC Fight Night 174, also known as UFC on ESPN – Whittaker vs Till
  • Day: Saturday
  • Date: July 25, 2020 (US), July 26 (Europe)
  • Host: UFC Fight Island (Yas Island, Abu Dhabi) United Arab Emirates
  • Time: Prelims at 5:00 PM (ET), 10:00 PM (London) and Main Card at 8:00 PM (ET), 1:00 AM (London)
  • Authorized broadcasting: ESPN +

Main card

How to watch UFC Fight Night 174 – Robert Whittaker vs Darren Till

Mixed Martial Arts and other martial arts are not easy to stream from some countries due to the legal restrictions on such sports. Plus, UFC Fight Nights are premium PPV events that you must subscribe to before you can watch them online. But thanks to Kodi and some reliable add-ons, you can watch UFC Fight Night for free.

But this can cause problems as ISPs and government agencies continue to track the IP addresses of Internet users.

Leaked personal information is the biggest drawback when using third party add-ons because the sources are not safe.

Their servers publish the IP address of anyone who has access to their streaming links. Torrent servers are examples of such vulnerable resources.

Staying safe and anonymous

Third-party apps and add-ons are never safe because they are developed by community developers and they never take responsibility for copyright violations. In addition, installing everything on the device from a community source is always risky because the add-ons can contain Trojans.

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You can protect your data and keep your identity hidden by installing and running a premium VPN service. There are some good VPN services available for a reasonable monthly fee.

The recommended VPN

I recommend CyberGhost because this is the most convenient VPN for streaming lovers. The speed is good thanks to its premium servers in multiple countries on 6 continents. The premium With CyberGhost plans, you have access to unlimited bandwidth. CyberGhost applications end-to-end encryption to protect information and traffic from watchdogs. CyberGhost allows you to unblock restricted content in your or another country. This service, like any other reliable VPN, simply assigns the most appropriate virtual IP address using its premium servers in the different countries.

With CyberGhost installed and active on the device, your personal information and traffic through the network remain protected through effective encryption. This keeps your login details protected and no one can track your identity. The Zero-Log Policy takes care of everything.

Below are the best features of CyberGhost:

  • Access to premium servers in multiple countries with unlimited bandwidth
  • Connect to multiple devices
  • No speed limit
  • Zero Log Policy / Top Security Features
  • Easy installation

CyberGhost comes with many other advanced features for the best price / quality ratio on the market:

Best deal: $ 11.99 $ 2.75 / month for 18 months plan
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Top 3 Kodi Addons to Watch UFC Fight Night Whittaker vs Till

1. Fight club

Fight Club is best dedicated to martial arts add-on for Kodi, so it's a good alternative to watch UFC Fight Night 174 Whittaker vs Till

The name says it all! The Fight Club Kodi add-on includes almost all martial arts events, including WWE, Boxing and MMA. By installing the Fight Club Kodi addon, you can do this easily Watch UFC Fight Night Whittaker vs Till on Kodi free. Install Fight Club on your Kodi device following these instructions. Once you have done this, the main interface presents the titles of various martial arts. Selecting UFC gives you access to UFC events listed by date (most recent first). Simply select the event and then select the battle on the event card to watch it for free.

2. Johki’s Wrestling Kodi Addon

Johki's Wrestling is a Kodi sports streaming add-on that is good for UFC Fight Night 174 Whittaker vs Till

The name is a mouthful, but Johki is another martial arts add-on that I highly recommend. You’re almost guaranteed to find a stream that works between Johki and Fight Club and you shouldn’t have any trouble watching UFC Fight Night Whittaker vs Till. Follow these instructions to install Johki on your Kodi device.

Rising tides

Rising Tides is dedicated to Kodi Addon

Rising Tides focuses on everything related to sports and is not committed to martial arts like Fight Club. However, if you are looking for a single add-on that can meet all your sporting needs, give Rising Tides a try. Check out these instructions to install Rising Tides quickly and easily. Once you have it on your system you will be happy with the quality of the streams you have access to and I know you will come back every day for more sporting action!


To remember, Watch UFC for free Fight Night Whittaker vs Till on Kodi is easy using these top 3 Kodi addons for UFC and WWE. But so these are third party add-ons you need to install and run a good VPN like CyberGhost before using any of these add-ons because they use scrappers and links to vulnerable streaming resources.

We hope this article can help you watch UFC Fight Night Whittaker vs Till on your screen with Kodi. If so, rate and share it with your friends; they will thank you for sure.

Disclaimer: BestDroidPlayer is in no way affiliated with a streaming application and its add-ons. We are also not associated with the brands shown here because the references are only informative. We do not support the use of illegal content; the content provided here is for information only. If you decide to use it somehow to watch UFC, we recommend using a VPN.

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