We already know the design of the iPhone 12 thanks to these photos of its screen


Little more than a month. That is the time we have to wait until Manzana Present your new 2020 phones, we hope, in mid-September. Despite different rumors about possible delays, it seems that the brand is finally going to be able to launch its iPhone 12 as planned at the end of the year.

Ready to be released in October along with the Apple Watch and some other accessories, we have already heard rumors about its possible characteristics and model numbers that, this year, would amount to 4. In addition to the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max would have an iPhone 12 Max. Today the leaked model is the cheapest of them all, the “12”, which will sport a 5.4-inch screen. Real images of the iPhone have appeared on Weibo to anticipate the changes in the design of the screen compared to the iPhone 11.

No major changes to iPhone 12

The images reveal the front of iPhone 12 advancing the typical wide notch design. Despite the rumors that have arisen for days on the Net that the next line of Apple phones would reduce the notch to a minimum, it seems that this will ultimately not be the case.

iPhone 12 notch

Much has been said about Manzana It is going to abandon its established design from the iPhone X with curved edges to return to a more classic look where, despite playing with the full screen, we are facing flat-edge terminals. Unfortunately, this or the following photograph makes it possible to clarify whether this will ultimately be the case.

iPhone 12

Of course, this year all iPhone 12 models that land in stores would have OLED panels, although we do not expect this to mean that the firm is encouraged to include fingerprint sensors under the screens of their devices. The entire iPhone 12 family is expected to add these design changes to full 5G support thanks to the presence of the new Apple A14Bionic chipset.

To this we must add a line maintenance started last year with a square module for your cameras with up to four sensors on the Pro and Pro Max models. On the contrary the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max They would have one less pair of lenses and are expected to hit the market with dual cameras along with slight changes to the battery, with less capacity but greater autonomy thanks to the excellent power optimization work of its processor.

The arrival of mobile phones to the market will also be the starting signal for the final version of iOS 14.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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