Legal battles between large companies are nothing new. Apple has many fronts open. One of them with Spotify that ensures that Apple imposes rules that monopolize its services against others like its own. It is the case of not being able to choose a specific reproduction service in the operating systems of the big apple. However, iOS 14 beta 2 also includes beta 2 of the HomePod software. This new version allows the user customize the default replay service to reproduce any content that we send through Siri, a great step that was not mentioned in WWDC but that we received with open arms.

We can now set Spotify as the default service in HomePod

Until now, in order to play music or some content from a service other than Apple Music on the HomePod, we had to use AirPlay 2. However, many of the services complained about not being able to integrate by default into Siri to directly play content. Why would a user not have a subscription to Spotify and use it daily would not be able to play content by default on HomePod?

However, Apple has been relaxing in this regard. First, by allowing the integration of third-party services into Siri. Finally, The second beta of iOS 14 includes the ability to customize the default playback service for the HomePod. To modify it, just click on “Default service” and select the app or service you want. Currently, no app appears on the menu since developers have to update their applications including the code that allows their compatibility with this new feature included in HomeKit.

This is an interesting function that opens many doors for developers and users who will be able to enjoy the same content as now. but in a more attractive and functional way. The most listened artists or our playlists may be available in one service and not another. And with this function, we can ensure that what we ask for is always reproduced, knowing that they are in a certain service.