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We know the date of the update to EMUI 11

We know the date of the update to EMUI 11


The Huawei company continues with the development of what will be its new version of the customization layer known as EMUI 11. After the arrival of EMUI 10.1 to some Huawei models, it is time to think about the next developments as revealed by Wang Chenglu, the present of Huawei software development by giving information about the date when EMUI will be renewed.

With each new update we are used to seeing a significant design change and especially a great software development, something that creates more interest in the case of Huawei phones by doing so with the difficulties presented by the United States veto. This future update would continue based on Android 11 in its AOSP version so we will continue to see an extensive relationship despite everything.

Huawei EMUI 11 for the third quarter

In an interview with Wang Chenglu, he left the headline with the arrival of the Huawei’s new system for the third quarter, which makes us think of August or September as the official arrival. At this time, closed beta versions will begin to open among users who have a Huawei smartphone. These beta versions will begin to arrive in the first place to the latest models presented, such as the Huawei P40 or the Huawei Mate 30.

mobile huawei and emui logo 11

This launch could come very close to the presentation of the expected Huawei Mate 40 and its different variants. About the news and features that we will see in this EMUI version 11 there is little information about it, which would have a close relationship with the system developed by Huawei under the name Harmony OS 2.0. This system developed by Huawei was presented as the alternative to Android and the difficulties it encountered, creating a own ecosystem Apple-style. The only thing that is known so far about Harmony OS 2.0 is that it will allow a better connection between Huawei devices, but they will not forget Android AOSP on mobiles yet.

Update dates for Huawei phones

huawei mate 40 ring camera

The company has not wanted to reveal the dates yet, but putting in value the statements of the software developer, we can expect stable versions with the EMUI 11 update they will begin to be seen in Europe in the months of October and November. Little by little, an update plan will be developed that we will announce at MovilZona as soon as it is official, as well as the methods to follow to achieve this and the selected models.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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