WEB-DL 2160p copies appear for download

To date, almost all Netflix 4K movies that circulate through Torrent and direct download had been obtained through recordings made with capturers that allow you to bypass encryption HDCP 2.2, which has been going on since 2016. This is known as WEBRip, and although they offer good quality, we are actually seeing a recording and not the original file downloaded from the streaming platform, as can be done with Netflix content in 720p and 1080p.

Two Netflix movies in 4K appear on WEB-DL

However, this weekend two copies in 2160p of the films “6 in the shade” and “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”. Until now, the only copies that were in 2160p of these films on networks were two WEBRips recorded after the release of both films.

However, the new ones, of which there is no name that tells us which group has ripped them, are obtained as is from Netflix, occupying less space and offering much higher quality than a recompressed WEBRip. In the case of El Camino, the film occupies 13.6 GB in H.265 in 10 bitsWhile the WEBRip that had been available until now was 16.85 GB, recompressed using H.265 at 10 bits.

It is not known how they obtained them

He currently doesn’t know anything about how these rips were obtained. Normally what usually happens is that a vulnerability in a device or in an app that allows access to the decrypted content directly in the device memory. Currently the only known available exploit can be exploited with a NVIDIA Shield, where the image can be captured with the Widevine DRM removed. However, that captured image has a personalized digital watermark for each account and device, so if it is detected that this copy ends up in P2P networks, the device used to record is totally blocked, so it is no longer you can play more 4K content on it. In the case of having followed this technique, they will have used an NVIDIA Shield that they will have “sacrificed” to obtain only these two movies.

In the event that a new technique has been discovered, it will be kept completely secret to prevent it from being patched on the affected device or apps. At the moment these two films have only been shared “anonymously”, and in previous months copies of titles such as “A Sun” or “The Half of It” have been published in 2160p, as well as Season 1 of The Order, but in those cases there was a group behind the rips.

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