Wefender, the solution to protect the WiFi network of your home or business

The solution to protect the WiFi network of your home or business

By now you will know some of the Problems of connecting to a WiFi network in a public place. From hackers connected to that same network trying to collect sensitive data, to the possibility of ending up infecting your laptop, mobile or other devices with malware of some kind. But be careful, because there is a new problem on the horizon: vulnerability of smart devices connected in the WiFi network. And you may already have them in your house: smart speakers, smart plugs, smart bulbs … Items that are not as protected against cyber attacks. The solution? Create a secure and protected WiFi network.

We do not realize it, but from the game console where you get to make payments with your credit card, or even the smart speaker connected to all your personal accounts, they go through the WiFi connection. From your home or your business. Or you even connect to WiFi networks in public places like coffee shops. Well, there are already those who offer solutions for add an extra layer of protection to these networks and prevent third parties from attacking them, extract information or take advantage of some vulnerability of the connected devices.

How to protect a WiFi network

There are different formulas to add extra protection over the WiFi networks that we usually use. Beyond the protection of routers or operators, it is possible to install other gadgets that encrypt and protect connections. Or even use cloud solutions that filter and give us greater security of everything that happens on our network. Although there are combined systems like the one proposed by Wefender.

This security solution only requires an extra device in your home to apply different security measures. But it also supports cloud functions to be able to protect the WiFi network at different levels. A solution that is focused both on professional environments if you are self-employed or have a business, or if you want to protect your home WiFi network.

The good thing about this type of solution is that it usually has an accessible system for non-expert users. In this case, simply go to their website and log in to control aspects such as knowing who is connected to our network, eject unknown devices, know the current security status or even apply specific measures.

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What Wefender can do on our WiFi network

Thanks to the plug and play device, you don’t need to be a technology or network expert to install this service. It consists of a special router prepared to connect instead of the usual router at home or in the office. Plug in to the light and the network and ready.

This kind of intermediary with our WiFi allows Wefender to establish security protocols and filters through a VPN and the Tecteco cloud. This is where security tools are automatically applied to make sure everything works as it should. Of course, there are several tools that as a user you can manage to control your WiFi network in a comfortable and detailed way.

Once you are a user you can access the Wefender portal from your mobile or computer through the Internet with your credentials. Thanks to this you can expel devices from your WiFi network that you do not have located. Or share the network only with those you want. You can also segment the network according to user and device, giving priority, for example, to the work computer and subtracting it from the game console. You can even isolate devices to give them even more security.


In addition to these active features, Wefender takes care of automatically update against new threats or to improve your security system. It arrives completely configured by default so that no touch-up by the user can lead to any vulnerability in the system or the WiFi network. All this is done by applying an authentication with unique credentials per user and device. This involves avoiding risks such as identity theft within the same network.

And by the way, if you are concerned that your connections, devices and data from the same WiFi network are filtered or go through the Wefender security system, you should know that this solution complies with the European data protection law RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation).

Price and installation

Having this security system for your WiFi network constantly has a price, of course. And, while it is true that there are free apps that offer this type of service, they are more difficult to manage or do not always have the same complete functions. In the case of Wefender, the monthly cost is 30 euros. No extra installation costs or getting the Wefender router device.

It is enough to contract the service on its website to receive the device. As we already said above, the system is configured and prepared for a basic installation. You just have to connect the device to the power and the Internet network in the port of this new router. With this, and after registering as a user, you will have the credentials and everything you need to access the system and protect your WiFi.

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