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Well-known podcaster considers video games an absolute waste of time

Well-known podcaster considers video games an absolute waste of time

He is considered an icon in the United States, even though he may have made a few enemies with one statement. Podcaster Joe Rogan believes gaming is a waste of time. Many will not agree with him, and Ninja also disagrees.

Video game culture
Joe Rogan doesn’t like video games. (Image: Joe Rogan)

There is still a lot of debate today about whether it is good to spend a lot of time in video games. While some see it very loosely and sometimes even earn their money with it, some keep their distance and cannot understand it if video games are a hobby or even a passion and take a lot of time. Joe Rogan also sees this as an absolute waste of time.

He used to play video games himself. Now he thinks he regrets the time and could have used it much more sensibly. According to Rogan, video games are actually a real problem. Children would flee into the world of games if there was no inspiration in their home life. “Games are exciting, but you won’t go anywhere,” said Rogan.

Do you all understand this?

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Video games: Ninja speaks out

In a 2-minute video response, Ninja tried to refute some of Rogan’s claims. According to him, Rogen would refer to the top 1% of gamers doing the whole job. Ninja believes that “Joe doesn’t really understand the full context of what the gaming community is and how many different ways you can be successful in gaming, such as streaming and creating content on websites.”

Since Ninja has a lot of experience in professional gaming and streaming, he might have the potential to dissuade Rogan from his opinion. He would like to do that too, at the end of his message he emphasizes that he would like to be a guest on Joe’s podcast.

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