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The best cameras and microphones alone don’t make the perfect YouTube video. Yes, it is true that you can use these devices and accessories to record high quality videos while giving them a professional look. However, you still need the best video editing software to bring in your ideas and get your audience’s attention fully.

YouTube is a video sharing website that has grown so far that content creators, also known as YouTubers, are now using the platform as a full-time workspace. And since the platform makes it possible to make money with views and advertisements, more and more people are taking their content seriously. YouTubers create beautiful videos in the highest possible resolutions, add fascinating intros and outros, contain music to serenade, create time-lapse and do many other things.

Now you may be thinking, “How will my videos stand out among the over 1 billion videos that are available on YouTube every month?” What else do you need to create YouTube videos that get your audience’s attention because you have the equipment and supplies? The answer lies in the editing software. While it’s true that you need the best equipment you can afford, it’s also important to invest in the best video editor you can afford.

Which editing software is best for YouTube?

We’ll look at some of the best editing software used by YouTubers. Knowing how and where to use this software will change your YouTube career dramatically. So let’s take a look at some of the best editing software from YouTubers.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

This software is one of the most popular video editing software for YouTubers. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is not only professional software, it is also used in television and film productions. This software has several tools that make editing a breeze. Many professional YouTubers find it accommodating and flexible. And since it’s also one of Adobe’s great programs dealing with creatives, it’s very easy to integrate into your workflow. By combining this editor with the other programs in the Adobe family, you can create even better and more unique videos.

This program is incredibly easy to use. While it can take a while for a beginner to learn the ropes, mastering them is not an extremely difficult task. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is an editing app that you can easily access. As a first-time user, you will receive a brief overview of how the most important functions work. This way even a beginner can get a basic overview of what a particular button does and how it is used.

The Premiere Pro CC also has a beautiful and simple user interface that is divided into four parts for a simple and interactive editing session. You can easily resize and resize these pages by adding and pinning the most commonly used tools. This program also offers touchscreen support, meaning you can drag and drop with your fingers, pinch to zoom in and out, crop images with your fingers, and more.

The timeline is clear so you can concentrate on your work. Thanks to a recent update, several projects can now be open at the same time. This is incredibly useful if you want to insert old footage into a new YouTube video or if you just want to add your regular components like intros, outros, signatures etc. In this way you can easily speed up your work process. And because Adobe Premiere Pro also includes some of the tools that were only available in the Adobe After Effects program, you can save money on subscriptions too.


YouTubers love this video editing software for many reasons. Adobe Premiere Pro CC lets you customize every bit of your YouTube video, including the footage itself and the audio. There’s no need to worry about the type of camera you’re working with, as Premiere Pro CC supports all video formats.

YouTubers working together on one channel can work together to create stunning videos. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can easily work with the editorial team and publish your ideas directly in the program. Another advantage of Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the time-saving features like JKL trimming, automatic video and audio synchronization, the retention of effects on a clip no matter how often it is used, and much more.

The fact that Premiere Pro CC gives you complete control over every part of your video is why most YouTubers like it. With this video editing software you can calibrate gradients, filters, light balance and more easily. You can even select and work on specific areas such as background and faces. You can also filter out the noise in your audio and use the equalizer to bring it up to date.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC is subscription-based software. The CC in the name means Creative Cloud, which simply means that the app is also cloud-based software. With this method, you can enjoy the latest updates immediately after they are released. However, you won’t get access to your assets and content if you don’t subscribe to the $ 20.99 service. In addition, rendering can sometimes be slow and is not rendered directly on YouTube.

  1. Final Cut Pro X.

The Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s premium video editing software. It is simply one of the best YouTube video editors you can use. Whether you want to customize the lighting, animation, background, appearance, or color of your video, Final Cut Pro X is a tool that can help you a lot. It is easy to use and has pre-made effects and transitions. It also has an incredible multicam function and, unlike Premiere Pro CC, can export videos directly to YouTube. This just means that you don’t have to export your YouTube videos to your computer and then upload them to YouTube.


The Final Cut Pro X is a video editing program with speech noise reduction. This way you can reduce the noise in your video while improving conditions in low light conditions. Its multicam function contributes to why many YouTubers love it. With Final Cut Pro X, you can automatically sync your YouTube video from up to 64 different angles. This simply means that you can edit footage from multiple cameras at the same time.

As if that weren’t enough, Final Cut Pro X has controls that let you create, edit, and add subtitles to your videos. This can be very useful for YouTubers whose followers complain about their accents or if you speak another language and want your international audience to understand you. Unlike the Premiere Pro, which comes with a 7-day trial, the Final Cut Pro X offers a 30-day trial and can be purchased for a one-time fee of around $ 300.


This video editor is a bit difficult to understand, especially if you are an absolute beginner. The Final Cut Pro X also includes shortcuts. However, you need to use multiple buttons to use some of them. It is not as easy to use and straightforward as the Pre
miere Pro. But once you get the hang of it, Final Cut Pro X is a video editing program you’ll love.

  1. Sony Vegas Pro

The Sony Vegas Pro is another video editing software that many YouTubers use. While it’s only available on the Windows platform, it’s still one of the best video editors you can use. It is professional and advanced software that allows YouTubers to create better landscapes and excellent audio and video quality. However, just like the Final Cut Pro X, this video editing software isn’t one of the best options for beginners.


Just like the Final Cut Pro X, the Sony Vegas Pro offers multicam editing and color correction. It also comes with masking tools and automatic white balance functionality, both of which help bring creativity to your videos. Other advanced features of this YouTube video editing software include 3D editing, compositing, chroma keying, automatic crossfading and much more. As long as you are a professional who is familiar with the intricacies of video editing, this is software you will love.


This video editing software is quite expensive. It’s in the $ 600 price range, which can be a bit steep for a YouTuber beginner. Also, the UI isn’t the best, which means you have to be a pro to find out easily. Basically, if you are a YouTuber who is not very familiar with how video editing works, it may take a while to figure out how this software works. In addition, this video editing software only works on Windows. Users with devices that run other operating systems like Mac need to look elsewhere.

  1. iMovie

Beginners looking to explore the video editing area should check out this video editing software. It is one of the best video editors that YouTubers can use to make their videos look better. This editor is only available on Mac and eliminates the need to download third-party apps to create a good video. IMovie was first released in 1999 and has been included in every version of Mac OS since 2003.


It is a free video editing app with basic functions. Advanced developers may not find it very useful, but youTubers for beginners can use it as a training ground before opting for third-party apps that cost real money. With iMovie, you can crop, crop and arrange your videos as you wish. You can also add audio files and titles, and create effects. You can also fix shaky videos to post more stable videos on your YouTube channel.

Thanks to the consistent upgrade of this video editing software, users can now edit 4K and HD videos in the latest version. This simply means that even if you record it with your iPhone camera, GoPro camera, or other digital camera, you can easily edit the video using iMovie on your Macbook. To make things even better, you can easily share your videos in 4K resolution with your free video editing software for your YouTube channel and other social media websites. It is simply an editor for videos that many YouTuber beginners have used and that have proven useful.


iMovie is a program that was only developed for MacOS. In other words, only iOS and Mac users can access it. Many advanced users won’t find it the best either, as it doesn’t offer many advanced features.

How do YouTubers edit their videos?

YouTubers use many different methods and video editing tools to edit their videos. However, there are four basic steps you need to follow when editing a video for your YouTube channel. We’ll look at the following steps:

The video editing program

The first step in editing your video is to choose software that you are familiar with. This software can be one of the above or any other program that you believe supports your editing process. With the program you selected, individual clips are edited and converted into a single video file, which can then be uploaded to your YouTube channel. Your video editing program should also include editing tools that will help you edit your graphics, add on-screen text, reduce audio noise, add and optimize audio, improve background and color, etc.

Many of these programs are paid, expensive programs, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro. There are also free programs that can be used for easy polishing, such as iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. The choice depends on how much editing you want to use in your videos.

Editing your production

The next step is to edit your video and make it a seamless production that tells your story. Most video editors available offer a timeline view where you can drag and drop individual recordings. They take each of these recordings, which are separate video files, and bring them together to create a master video.

Depending on what you want in your videos, you can trim and crop individual recordings, move them around and delete the video content that does not suit your purpose. You can even add transitions between shots for a clearer, more professional look.

Graphics, text and special effects

Once you’ve created a full master timeline by putting your individual shots together into a video, you can add your special effects. You can add various special effects to your YouTube videos, as long as it matches your message. Special effects that you can add include blur, split screen, sepia tone, background music, and overlaying text and graphics.

Many of these effects are not difficult to implement. Some video editors provide users with instructions on how to edit videos and how to use these editing functions. As entertaining and enticing special effects may seem, it’s good to make it easy and not to go overboard. The essence of the video is to get your message across so as not to show your audience how cool you are at creating fancy videos.

Save in the correct format

Once you’re done editing your video, the next thing you want to do is save your video in the best possible format. YouTube is a platform that accepts most file formats, so you should be able to upload your video content regardless of the format you choose. However, if you upload the same video to other media websites, you may need to consider your format before saving it. It is recommended that you save your videos in .AVI, .WMA and .MP4 formats as these are some of the most accepted online formats.

In addition, many viewers expect their videos in 16: 9 screen sizes. Therefore, when making changes, make sure that you use this aspect ratio. You can also render your videos in higher resolutions. It is recommended to render them in resolutions of 720P, 1080P or 4K. Most mobile devices, computer monitors and televisions can now stream high definition video. So you want to make sure your viewers get the best possible resolution regardless of their devices.


Creating videos for your YouTube channel shouldn’t be a difficult task. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on multiple products to get great clips. As long as you have the right camera, the right accessories and the right tools, you can deliver the perfect, professional video to your viewers.

As a beginner, we encourage you to try a free video editor before deciding on a paid version.
Once you’ve reached the top of the learning curve and are ready for advanced features, you can start using Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and other high-end products on the market. You can try the free trial versions before opting for a subscription or paid version.

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