What has been the worst game for you?

Each generation of video games has been marked by specific requirements, and therefore it is easy to determine what has been the worst game for you in each of those generations. I know a lot of our readers have probably had to deal with a lot of games that have worked pretty badly for them, and I understand that perfectly, as I went through the same thing on more than one occasion as well.

However, in this article I want to ask you an interesting question that is not limited to finding the game that has worked the worst for you, I want you to tell me what the game has been that it has worked the worst for you and that, despite everything, you have spent more hours. Yes, the one that was torture because it looked like a slide show, but you liked it so much that you couldn’t stop playing it.

As I always start. I have doubts between two games, Diablo II and Final Fantasy VII. I ran both games on a 133MHz Pentium-based PC with 32MB of RAM and an S3 3D Virge with 4MB of graphics memory. Both worked, they let themselves be played, but as soon as there was a bit of action on the screen the FPS crash was, in some cases, so marked that I do not exaggerate you when compared to a slide show.

game that has worked the worst for you

The game that has worked the worst but you have played the most: Final Fantasy VII, in my case

Choosing one is complicated, but I think basically I spent more hours on Final Fantasy VII. It was no accident, the game had me in love, both for its plot and for the charisma of the characters and for its technical and playable finish. Thanks to its turn-based combat system, It could be played quite well even with large drops in FPS, and in real-time game scenes, exploring the scenarios, the performance was quite good due to the lower polygon load (remember that they were pre-rendered scenarios, whereas in the fighting was all in 3D).

I was able to complete Final Fantasy VII “without problems”, if we ignore those slide shows that occurred at specific times, in fact I put in more than 100 hours and duplicated subjects as important as “gesture” and the invocation of the knights of the round table. Thanks to this, I was able to kill Arma Esmeralda and Arma RubĂ­ without any problem.

It has rained a lot since then, and today I think I could not play a game in those conditions again, but I am glad I did it at the time, since it allowed me to enjoy one of the best titles in history in the right moment. I know you understand me perfectly, playing Final Fantasy VII in 1998 would not have been the same as playing 2008. And yes, I keep the original rather than the remake.

Now it’s your turn, what has been the game that has worked the worst for you but the one you have spent the most hours, despite everything? We read each other in the comments.

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