What is a VPN and what are all its benefits

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Talking about Internet security means irretrievably talking about VPNs. By its initials, VPN makes mention of Virtual Private Network, or what is the same, virtual private network. These types of solutions come to protect our identity on the Internet, while allowing us to enjoy certain added advantages, such as those that we will see below. There are many companies that offer these VPN services, such as HMA VPN. But, What really is a VPN? What are its benefits when browsing the Internet? Let’s see what this type of private connection masks.

First, what is a VPN and what is it for?

To understand how a VPN works we have to know what the meaning of its initials implies. A virtual private network is nothing more than a bridge network that allows us to connect to the Internet through a server hosted in another part of the world.

When accessing a web page, the server that hosts the content stores the IP address and the MAC address of our equipment (computer, tablet, mobile phone …). These data serve not only to identify us as unique users, but also to offer us targeted advertising based on our profile. Using a private virtual network helps to precisely mask the first identifier, that is, the IP address.

By default, web pages borrow the public IP address of our router. With this IP address, any software can locate us within a map more or less precisely. This is where one of the greatest advantages of VPN networks resides, since they allow us to simulate our location in any country or territory where the company has a server. To this we must add that most VPNs encrypt the data sent between the incoming server and the outgoing server to improve the security of the connections. In other words, the website identifies the VPN server, completely masking our identity.

What are the benefits of a VPN

We have already discussed the usefulness of VPN networks on a theoretical level. Now it’s time to talk about the benefits of using a VPN when browsing the Internet.

Among the advantages that a VPN offers us, we find the possibility of accessing content limited to some countries, such as the reproduction of live television channels. This does not only apply to web pages, but also to streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO. In other words, a VPN opens the closure to limited content from countries such as the United States or Canada. In other words, we can see series and movies that are not available in our country for the lack of rights.

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Another advantage that VPNs provide us has to do with downloading content and accessing download pages. In countries like Germany, access to certain download pages and the use of programs that make use of the P2P protocol is punishable by law. Simulating our location outside the country will allow us to access any portal without any legal restriction.

Regarding the advantages associated with data encryption, the use of a VPN in a public WiFi network will serve to encrypt all our credentials. In this way, even if you try to access the browsing data of our device from an external computer, the attackers will only be able to see encrypted data, no passwords or user accounts.

Advantages of using HMA VPN

On the Internet there is a whole offer of VPN networks. Choosing one or the other option depends largely on the price, the geographical availability of the servers and the security that the service offers us when browsing the Internet. HMA, formerly known as Hide My Ass (and recently acquired by Avast), is presented as an option that exceeds expectations in each of the criteria just mentioned.

No-log policy to anonymize our data

The HMA VPN is a no-log VPN, that is, it does not store activity logs in its databases. Any action that we develop on the Internet will be fully protected before the web page servers and before the HMA servers themselves. This is what the company itself ensures in its policy of absence of records.

More than 1000 servers in more than 190 countries

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HMA has more than 1,000 servers in more than 290 locations in more than 190 countries. In fact, is the company with the largest presence worldwide, so we can access the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Military encryption and 24/7 support

In terms of security, the company offers encryption of military grade of no less than 256 bits. It also has 24/7 support for any type of application-related problem and an instant connection to all the company’s servers.

Lightning and manual IP refresh mode

refresh ip hma

As if this were not enough, the HMA VPN has a mode called “Lightning” that allows you to make a search for the fastest servers to always have the fastest connection, not to mention the function that allows us to refresh the IP manually to get around the IP address blocks that some pages integrate for security.

Compatible with any device

As far as application compatibility is concerned, HMA VPN has support for Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Router, Apple TV, Android TV, Chrome and Firefox.

HMA VPN pricing

If we talk about prices, the company offers different plans aimed at customers and companies. The price of subscriptions depends on the monthly payments and the type of plan contracted. They are attractive prices and, in addition, they have numerous offers and discounts. They also offer a return guarantee of up to 30 days. You can check all their prices and possible promotions directly on their website.

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