What is and how Adapt Sound works on Samsung mobiles


The ear, like many of the senses of our body, changes over the years. The sounds and their frequencies are not perceived in the same way by a 14-year-old adolescent as by a person who has turned 50. Taking this aspect into account, Samsung phones have the perfect option to adapt the sound to each person, to try to get the best possible audio.

The Adapt Sound function It has been available on Samsung mobiles for several generations, and remains active on the Galaxy with OneUI. The function aims to adapt the sounds of calls, music or audio to the listening abilities of each user. This will be especially noticeable when using the terminal with headphones. Although it is an option as an “extra” the truth is that it is the best way to perceive the sound details that our mobile emits.

How Adapt Sound is activated

To activate Adapt Sound We will have to go to the following route on our Samsung Galaxy:

Settings / Sounds and Vibration / Effects and Sound Quality / Adapt Sound

Adapt Sound on Samsung 05

Three options to choose

Once inside we will see a series of default settings. The first deactivates the function and it is the one that we will find by default. However, we have several default values, made taking into account counts perceptible frequency range in general, according to what age ranges. In this way we can choose between:

  • Under 30 years: Amplify midrange frequencies
  • Between 30 and 60 years: Amplify mid / high range frequencies
  • Over 60 years: amplify all frequencies

Adapt Sound on Samsung 02

When selecting our age group, all system sounds will be automatically adapted. However, we can try to achieve better precision and adapt the frequency ranges just to our ears by adjusting Adapt Sound manually.

A fourth custom mode

To access this setting we will have to click on “” Personalize my sound ”. The following screen will show us the precise indications for this calibration to be carried out as accurately as possible. That is, we will have to go to a place without background noise and put on the headphones. Then we click on “Start”

Adapt Sound on Samsung

Now we will have to complete the steps indicated on the screen. The Adapt Sound function will go emitting different beeps in frequency ranges different and through different channels (left, right). Once the steps are completed, this personalized profile will be memorized and will be active on our Samsung Galaxy.

Written by David Girao

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