what is and how the Roaming Clock is activated


When traveling to another country, our mobile phone becomes a complete “Swiss Army knife” with which to have all the necessary information at hand. We can have a pocket translator, a currency converter, a map and have the time orientation controlled at all times on the same device. For this last purpose, Samsung mobiles have a special function dedicated to check the local time where we are and the home time.

When we go abroad we have to be very careful with the use of data, which sometimes leads us to disable data roaming. This means that we will not be able to establish an Internet connection in this type of connectivity, although there will be no problems when we are under the protection of a Wi-Fi network. But being in roming we will have some functions in our Samsung mobile, which until recently were only reserved for third-party applications. However in the case of Samsung, we will talk about a useful time-consuming feature built into your devices and that it is still available in the OneUI layer in all its versions.

Two clocks on display

However, Samsung’s “Roaming Clock” feature, allows us to change to digital clocks that will show both the local time zone and that of our country when we travel abroad. In this way, both on the lock screen and on the desktop, we can always have both hours in view for better orientation and better control of the times to call home. The time will be displayed in the format that we have chosen, either in 12 or 24 hour format.

Samsung dual watch

How active

To activate the “Roaming Clock” we will have to slide the finger up or down from the home screen. Then we go into Settings and look for the “Lock Screen” option. Once inside, tap on “Roaming Clock” and slide the switch to activate the function.

roaming samsung watch

Also on Always on Display

Also, if our mobile supports the Always on Display function, we can activate the switch so that the Roaming Clock is permanently displayed on the screen, and not have to turn on the screen to make the query, so we can continue saving battery. In the case of returning to our country of origin, we will have to follow the same steps previously seen to deactivate the function and that only one clock will be shown on the screen.

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