what is and what is the Realme UI Games Space for?


Although they are not directly called gaming mobiles, many of the realme terminals have a strong gamer character. The company itself is in charge of explaining that they are ideal for gaming, they have processors and GPUs focused on performing in the most popular games and even the 90 Hz refresh rate, perfect for playing games, has reached mobiles of less than 200 euros.

Realme knows that a large part of their mobile phones go to young hands, who spend many hours a month in the Fortnite, PUBG or Brawl Stars. Due to this, in a newly released layer such as Realme UI, the “Games Space” an application inherited from the times of ColorOS and that is perfect for organize all installed games.

Play space in Realme

The Games Space is an app pre-installed in the realme mobile system and which serves as the managers of the game libraries that we have always seen on a computer. Instead of having a multitude of shortcut icons scattered across the desktop, all the games we consider will end up in the same place from where we can better manage games.

game assistant realme

Available options

When we enter the application, just at the bottom, we find several options with which we can interact and that will influence our gaming experience:

  • CPU / GPU performance: Allows you to put all the resources of the system into the performance to notice an improvement in the performance of the most demanding games.
  • FPS display: every self-respecting gamer controls the frames per second and this option allows them to be viewed on the screen at all times.
  • Capture / Record Screen: It is another option that many gamers use on a daily basis. Recording games is the best proof of showing others that feat that they would not believe if you just told it.
  • Block notifications: allows selected apps to not interfere with the game and distract us.
  • Reject calls: Calls will not be able to deconcentrate the user during games when activating this option.
  • Interact with WhatsApp or Messenger: It is the function that regulates how we can access WhatsApp or Messenger from within the games, to be able to answer messages without having to leave.
  • Signal / Battery Information: It is another of the important information points to play without fear of the phone suddenly turning off. The battery will be visible at all times and we can receive personalized alerts, regardless of the default options of the mobile.

realme games space

Options during the game

All these options, in addition to being previously configured, can be accessible from games, since we can at any time activate the game assistant. To do this we will have to drag down from the upper left or right corner. Then we will see a preview with some options or all if we drag down once more.

Written by David Girao

Source> Realme Community

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